Calendar plugins with the ability to book and schedule events – this is a pretty popular niche on WordPress. Despite the fact that we have already reviewed such plug-ins, today we decided to touch upon this topic again.

That’s because WordPress grew out of simple CMS into a universal platform on which sites for business and commerce are built. And for such projects, managing the calendar and time is very important.

In this post we selected the 9 most interesting (in our opinion) WordPress plugins for booking and scheduling events in the calendar. Let’s see how they differ!

What types of sites do I need plug-ins with calendar and reservation?

It’s hard to pick one “best booking plugin” because there are so many different uses for them. Here are just a few types of sites which benefit from or require booking functionality:

It’s pretty hard to choose one single “best plug-in”, because of very many, and different sites will come up with different plug-ins depending on the specific functions. But in general, plugins for the calendar and booking are suitable for such sites:

    • Hotels and Hotels
    • Sites of posters and ticket sales
    • Beauty treatment

Add your business Did not find what you were looking for?

  • Restaurants
  • Medical institutions
  • Consultants and notaries

We will try to note for which type of business this or that plug-in is coming up next in the list.

Booking Calendar is a free calendar plug-in that has existed since 2009. It’s a pretty impressive time! The plugin helps to create a simple calendar that shows free dates and already reserved.

Users can mark the desired days in the calendar and book by filling out the form. Once they have made a reservation, you will receive a notification by email, in which you can confirm or cancel the reservation.

You can set a limit for the number of reservations per day, which is convenient for rental sites and hotels.

WP Booking Calendar is a premium plug-in from CodeCanyon that can accept any kinds of online armor. On functions it is similar to the previous free plug-in, but it makes it convenient to manage it from the frontend. And the design here will also be better.

Users can reserve time intervals or whole days directly on the site. And you in the admin panel will receive a notification and be able to manage this reservation, confirm or delete it. The plugin also supports integration with PayPal.

The plug costs $ 18.

WooCommerce Bookings is a very expensive plug-in ($ 249!), But it is packed with features to the eye. As you might guess by name, it is intended for integration with WooCommerce.

After installing the plugin in your online store on WooCommerce will be able to book or reserve a unit of goods. Next, you can configure a bunch of fields, set the cost of reservation, specify the user’s email, etc.

In general, this solution is suitable only if you have a serious online store on WooCommerce, then the cost of $ 249 for a license for 1 site can be considered justified.

Appointments + is a WPMU DEV project, so you will need to subscribe to this service in order to get the plug-in. In addition to the standard opportunity to book a visit or event, Appointments + adds some cool things that are perfect for salons, gyms or other establishments.

When a user selects and orders an event, he can choose from several service providers. For example, he can choose a specific master, if it is a beauty salon. Previous plugins do not allow this.

Although Gravity Forms itself is not a specialized plugin for booking, this plug-in has such an opportunity with a bunch of fields for customization in forms. The only thing missing is the ability to automatically check which dates on the calendar are “free” for booking.

But if all you need is the ability to accept and confirm the reservation, then pay attention to Gravity Forms, this is a complex plugin for managing forms with the built-in ability to make reservations.

WP Simple Booking Calendar is a free plug-in with paid advanced options. The main thing that a plug-in does is to add a convenient calendar, through which you can choose days and make reservations.

In the free version, you can create only 1 calendar, which displays the available dates in green, and in red – reserved.

In the premium version, you can create as many such calendars as you want, and you can also export your reservation to, Airbnb or FlipKey.

BirchPress Scheduler is one of the most popular premium solutions for online booking and event planning through WordPress.

Visitors can check the available days and time in real time and make a reserve. This is quite a standard feature.

But here’s the cool thing: BirchPress can synchronize with some other online calendars, for more convenient management. At the moment, synchronization with:

  • Google Calendars
  • iCal
  • Outlook
  • Android

You can also import and export all of your events from the calendar.

BirchPress is not very suitable for hotels and real estate sites, but for all other types of businesses where you need online booking, it’s great!

EDD Bookings adds the ability to make online reservations for the plugin Easy Digital Downloads .

Users can schedule events and pay directly through Easy Digital Downloads. Thus, EDD Bookings supports any payment method that is provided in Easy Digital Downloads.

You can customize free days and time intervals in the calendar, which is very convenient for compiling a flexible schedule of bookings.

EDD Bookings costs $ 89 for a license for 1 site.

Team Booking is a premium plugin that adds online booking to WordPress with a great design and user-friendly interface.

Google Calendar is used to manage the calendar and display “free” days. So, to create some sort of reservation available for booking, you will need to first create this event in Google Calendar.

This plugin will work fine if you already use Google Calendar in your work. For payment, you can connect PayPal or Stripe, and you can create discounts and coupons.

Team Booking costs $ 22 at CodeCanyon.

9 WordPress Plugins for Booking and Scheduling Events in the Calendar
Article Name
9 WordPress Plugins for Booking and Scheduling Events in the Calendar
Calendar plugins with the ability to book and schedule events - this is a pretty popular niche on WordPress. Despite the fact that we have already reviewed such plug-ins, today we decided to touch upon this topic again.

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