Every owner of a small company probably remembers the moment when he had an idea to go to Facebook or Instagram platforms to promote business. The reasons for finding advertising platforms can be very different: you need to find new customers, launch a new series of products, share news about discounts in the store or increase brand awareness. The first steps in working with Facebook advertising tools are intuitive, and you quickly create your first campaign. However, neither sales nor new customers seem to follow. What is the problem?

Getting started with Facebook advertising tools is an important step for the company’s development, but for small and medium-sized business owners who are often forced to take on many tasks at once, without additional support or resources for outsourcing, this is not so easy. To help millions of companies around the world in 2015, the Facebook Blueprint program was launched – the opportunity to learn about the advertising tools of the social network and start developing their own strategy of promotion in social media.


Today, more than a million people registered for online courses on Internet advertising Facebook Blueprint and more than half of the – representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. A free program of more than 70 modules allows a wide range of professionals to learn how to effectively build their presence in social networks.

Blueprint offers three main programs:

  • E-learning center Blueprint. More than 70 online modules in several languages, allowing you to study targeting tools, opportunities to improve the quality of advertising, and use analytical materials.
  • Blueprint Live. Individual training developed for specialists in the field of digital marketing.
  • Blueprint Certification. A course of several lessons and two exams, allowing you to receive a certificate of “Facebook Certified Planning Professional.”

Facebook seeks to help companies make the most of their Facebook and Instagram marketing solutions, specifically for this purpose the Facebook Blueprint e-learning platform with its certification capabilities was created, noted Robert Bednarski Facebook Operations Director In Central and Eastern Europe.

To start learning on Facebook Blueprint, you only need a Facebook account. To start mastering the methods of promotion in a social network, you can start with five courses that are very popular with small business companies, including the introductory course “Fundamentals of Marketing in Facebook”, a course that allows you to master the professional terms “Facebook Terminology” ( Facebook Terminology), as well as “Successful Campaigns”, “Best Best Practices” and “Ads Create Tool”.

Besides the companies of small and medium business, the target audience of Facebook Blueprint is also advertising, marketing and communication agencies. Employees of agencies can use online courses or register access to Blueprint Live to improve and certify their professional skills in digital marketing. This helps to attract new customers and improve the quality of service.


Patrick Harris, vice president for development of work with agencies on Facebook noted:

One of the things that brands and agencies often ask of us is more education. In addition to the fact that technologies bring people closer together, they also have tremendous growth opportunities and attract new customers for business. With Facebook Blueprint, we give companies the tools and all the educational opportunities necessary to learn how to use Facebook for business development and interaction with the world.

Blueprint courses are in demand among specialists in various fields, including among employees non-profit organizations, which, like many companies, are looking for opportunities to talk about themselves and their work. Facebook Blueprint is in demand among media specialists. A media consultant Alexander Amazin: tells about the course on the use of Facebook opportunities for journalists (“How Journalists Can Best Utilize Facebook And Instagram “)

The course is very simple, its passage takes only about an hour and requires only the knowledge of English. At the end of the course, access to the search tools on Facebook and Instagram appeared. The main advantage of the course is the debunking of a couple of harmful myths. One of them is the widespread belief that the number of posts published per unit of time matters. In fact, it turns out that for every post, Facebook is trying to find its own audience. In general, it is possible that the audience of several different posts will strongly overlap (especially in the case of niche editions), but for general media interest, the drop in average coverage with an increase in the number of quality publications will be insignificant.

Today, more and more companies need help in managing their presence in social networks. Finding professionals who understand the intricacies of working effectively with Facebook and Instagram is a challenge that big and small businesses face, and it takes a lot of time. Facebook Blueprint is an opportunity to learn the methods of working with Facebook’s advertising opportunities, take exams and receive a special Facebook badge, which can be placed in digital channels, thereby confirming its professionalism in digital marketing.

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