I will not talk about the benefits of Instagram, I’m not going to call you to spam on forums or bulletin boards in order to attract attention to your own person and your services. I will only try to generalize the experience of effective promotion of experts on the Internet known to me, giving you several useful tools, most of which are absolutely free, but very effective. You just will not be too lazy and apply them in practice in the near future!

Instrument 1. Well-known social networks

We are talking about such well-known and effective social networks for the promotion of their expertise, like VKontakte, Classmates, Facebook, and My World. It is important that each of these social networks is perfectly indexed by search engines, so do not miss the opportunity to declare yourself as a professional with this free tool.

How to apply for an account to be recognized as an expert? In each of the four social networks, you can place several business photos taken by professional photographers. It can be both portrait and reportage photos (from various events held by you). In status, be sure to write one sentence, who are you, what are you doing and contact number, for example: “Certified independent financial adviser and coach for promoting business on the Internet Ivan Ivanovich Pumpkin. + 1-xxx-xxx-xx-xx. ”

On your wall publish only interesting and useful content for your target audience (your thoughts, famous quotes, tips, information about webinars and announcements of your events, etc.), as well as feedback from satisfied customers. Make a detailed post about your activity (it is possible with photos of certificates, certificates, diplomas, etc.) and fix it on the wall in the social network. If you are asked questions, try to respond promptly and competently to them.

Tool 2. Sites for experts

Begin and prepare accounts, detailing yourself as a professional, on the following sites:

  • https://professionali.ru/ – a business social network for professional communication. This platform will allow you not only to develop yourself as an expert but also to expand the range of your business connections (find new clients, partners, develop your career).
  • https://www.kakprosto.ru/ – registering on this site, you will be able to publish your own expert articles on it, spinning yourself up as a high-class professional. In this case, for every 1000 views of your materials, the postal charges you a fee. Moreover, by communicating with your subscribers and answering their questions, you can easily acquire new clients.
  • https://www.liveexpert.com/ – the site provides customers with online expert advice. With the help of this resource, you can start earning today as an expert, advising interested users.
  • https://fb.com/ – this portal is visited daily by more than one and a half million users. Therefore, it is a real find for those who want to quickly promote services on the Internet. The site offers authors absolutely free to post their expert articles with links to your resources. Agree, it’s a sin not to take advantage of such a pleasant opportunity?

Instrument 3. The Mass Media

If you have some familiar journalists who would help you publish expert articles in the media – it’s just wonderful. If there are no such friends, do not despair! On the Internet there is a useful site https://pressfeed.ru/which unites journalists and experts. With her help, feather sharks can find a suitable candidate for comment or interview, and you, in turn, will be able to find journalists who need your expert opinion, and, thus, make themselves known in the media.

To tell about your services to a wide range of readers, go to the section “For experts”: https://pressfeed.ru/site/static-experts – and click the button “Write a comment to the media” for search interesting topic. It is worth noting that this useful service can be used absolutely for free. At the same time, you no longer need to independently search for various printed and electronic publications and impose their publications on them.

4. Foreign websites on the subjects of your work

If you actively use the previous three tools to promote your expertise, do not relax. The more and more often you will remind yourself on the Internet, the more popular you will become. Therefore, I advise you not to lose sight of this very effective tool. To do this, every day you need to search for 5-10 sites related to the topic of your work and offer their owners to post articles with your authorship and contacts. If you are a really good expert and know how to express your thoughts clearly, many site owners will agree to cooperate with you, since the unique and high-quality content is not superfluous for any resource.

Tool 5. Own website with the useful electronic mailing

Aliens use sites, of course, well, but its portal should not be neglected. You can create a thematic blog in which you will publish useful articles interesting to your target audience. Be sure to place on your site a subscription form so that readers can subscribe to your newsletter. Your own e-newsletter will only strengthen your expertise and with a competent approach will allow you to sell your products and services more efficiently.

We reviewed the five most effective tools for promoting your expertise on the Internet. If in the coming month you begin to actively use at least two or three of them, the number of your customers will increase at least twice. At the same time, as you have noticed, all these tools are either free or inexpensive to use. Good luck with your professional growth and more satisfied customers!

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