1. Publish a few tweets

Can not fit your story into cancers of 140 characters? Use more tweets. ALSO REFERTwitter times- Most fascinating story

Tweet-storm is the practice of publishing a series of tweets for a story related story. To start or finish such posts is better by figure, to emphasize their consistency.

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Try: To create a series of tweets, just answer your previous entries, or use the Tweet-storm application or Storm It.

2. Create Twitter Moment

Moment is a new dynamic way to tell stories on Twitter. It will help attract clicks and increase engagement.

Try: Use the new and relevant for your industry content to create Twitter Moment.

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3. Attach a few photos to the tweet

According to a Twitter study, the entries with photos show involvement rates of 33% higher. However, in most tweets, no more than one image. If there are several of them, you can tell an even more fascinating story.

Try: Add up to 4 photos in your tweet to tell a more complete story.


4. Create a GIF animation

Gifki has become a popular form of content on Twitter. In 2015, they were published more than 100 million. Also, GIF-animation has good indicators of involvement.

Another popular use of gifki is the expression of emotions. For example:

Try: Use the hyphae to make your story brighter.

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5. Distribute your own hashtag

Hashtags allow you to manage the history of your community. But for this it is important that your branded hashtag be understood by consumers and they want to use it.

Try: Create a hashtag for your community, often use it and ask subscribers to add it to the records.

6. Use the trend hashtag

You can also use popular hashtags to tell a story about a brand. The main thing is that they are relevant.

For example, Oreo used the popular #MarsAnnouncement, #NationalCookieDay, and #FathersDay:

Try: Find popular hashtags that are relevant to your industry and participate in the discussion.

StoryTelling via Twitter
Article Name
StoryTelling via Twitter
The stories help us establish links with consumers and create our own unique image. But can you tell a story in social networks? After all, posts should be short and attract attention.

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