1. Create a channel or playlist

According to the HubSpot study, video is the most popular form of content that consumers are studying carefully. The video is great for storytelling. ALSO REFER, Future of story telling

Airbnb has a playlist on YouTube Airbnb Stories with fascinating stories from the brand community.

Try: Interview clients and share their experiences in the video.

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2. Use the infographics

Infographics is a great format for visual storytelling. According to the Contently study infographics are most often read to the end (73%) than blog posts (66%).  

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Try: Create infographics using a special tool or hire a designer. As a basis, you can take a popular entry in your blog.

3. Create a SlideShare presentation

Over 70 million people visit SlideShare to learn something new, because presentations make it easier to understand even complex information.

Try: Turn a popular article into a SlideShare presentation.

There are countless ways to tell a story in social networks. We hope that these 20 ideas will inspire you to new achievements.

StoryTelling via SanpChat, YouTube and others
Article Name
StoryTelling via SanpChat, YouTube and others
The stories help us establish links with consumers and create our own unique image. But can you tell a story in social networks? After all, posts should be short and attract attention.

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