1. Tell the story in the signature

Quality images are very important for Instagram, but do not forget about the signature. Tell her a fascinating story in order to complete the photo. ALSO REFERTell your fascinating story

An excellent example of storytelling in this social network is the Airbnb brand: it tells short stories under each picture.

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Try: Share a short story about the photo, try to keep within three lines.


2. Tell a visual story in your profile

Use multiple photos to create a large solid image in your profile. It looks very attractive.

Herschel Supply Co. Recently used this method for visual storytelling as part of the promotion of a new collection of bags.

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Try: Create a single image from three, six or nine photos, this will help you in this Instagrids. If you want to create an image in a graphical reactor, use the hint:

  • Three photos: 1080 pixels at 3 240 pixels
  • Six photos: 2 160 pixels at 3 240 pixels
  • Nine photos: 3240 pixels at 3240 pixels


3. Manage custom content

This is an extremely effective strategy that attracts new subscribers.

To do this, you can share short stories about the life of your community or create a branded hashtag for the story you want to tell.

TOMS do this every year as part of the #WithoutShoes campaign. In 2016, she collected 27,435 posts from clients.

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Try: Ask subscribers to share photos with your branded hashtag and publish the best pictures on their page.

4. Create a short video or boomerang

Many brands use Instagram videos to create stories. True, their length is limited to only 60 seconds. So, you will have the opportunity to show your creativity.

That’s how Nike is told the story in such a short video:

Try: Tell the story of your company in a 30-second or 60-second clip, do not forget to add text.

5. Use the Instagram stories series

Of course, you can also use Instagram stories to create your stories. Start with 10 posts per day.


Try: turn the last blog entry into a series of posts in stories. The recommended resolution is 1080 by 1920 pixels.

StoryTelling via Instagram
Article Name
StoryTelling via Instagram
The stories help us establish links with consumers and create our own unique image. But can you tell a story in social networks? After all, posts should be short and attract attention.

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