Do you really want to get money from your blog?

Some people have a prejudice against earnings on their blogs. If you think monetizing your blog is something bad, immoral, unethical, unpleasant, testifying to the greed and the like, then give up the earnings on it. ALSO REFERHow To Make Money As A Blogger

If you have mixed feelings about the commercialization of your blog, you are good at first in their feelings. If you feel that a website that brings money – that’s great, then all is ok. If you think that is evil, that’s fine. But try to understand how serious you are set before you start this way. If you want to succeed, you must meet certain parameters. Make your blog a source of income – is a challenge. And you should be sure that at least will not have problems with their own attitude to this. You should please the prospect of earning on your blog, ambition only help you succeed. If your blog is actually worth something, you have every right to receive from this income. But if you are full of doubts about the correctness of the chosen path, then you might want to read this article. Are you selfish? This article is about a reasonable balance between your demands and needs of others.


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If you do decide to generate income from your blog, then do not hesitate to it. If you are going to advertise, it is really place ads. Do not put a little shamefaced banner somewhere in the far corner. If you are going to request donations, then really ask for donations. Do not make the subtle link “Donate” and hope for the best. If you intend to sell any products, then really sell them. Create or acquire the best quality products, and it will be easier to convince visitors to buy them. If you are going to do something, then completely switch to it. Do not attempt to operate in full capacity. All or nothing!


Rightly expect that when you start a free website transfer on a commercial basis, some people will not be satisfied no matter how you do it. I launched this site in October 2004 and began to advertise on the Google Adsense on it in February 2005. It’s a few complaints, but I was waiting for them, and it did not matter much. In fact, less than one in 5,000 visitors sent me negative feedback.

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Most people who sent feedback were surprisingly supportive. After a few weeks of complaints ceased and the site began generating income almost immediately, although quite low – ridiculous $ 53 for the first month. If you are interested to see the monthly statistics of the time.

Money is the key, money is the weapon, money is the beginning towards big works . So, if you are planning to start some new business, you are deficit of money, you want to earn money from your blog, in order to start your business. Here are some guidelines that you must follow in order to make by doing things online.

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Can I do online – significant earnings?

Of course you can. To earn a five-figure number in the year (of course, in dollars), working from home full-time, it is quite possible. I get a substantial income with blog, although he is only 19 months (just another kid). If you work during the day on the main paper, you will need more time on this, but if you’re willing to pay online-earning most of the remaining free time, you receive a substantial income, it is also possible. For me, online-trading is the main job.

Can anyone do it?

Definitely not. I hope you are not shocked that the site dedicated to personal development, I use such a terrible phrase. But I have to agree with those who say that 99% of people who want to make a blog a source of significant income fail. The subtitle of this site – “Personal development for smart people.” And, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on at what side you’re on), smart people on this planet – a minority. Therefore, I argue that while most people will not be able to make a living in this way, the most sensible will. How do you know if you’re smart enough to do this? There is one test: if you are asking yourself this question, then, is not.

If that last paragraph will not cause an avalanche of angry letters to my address, and I do not know what to do. Okay, sure, I know it.

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The proportion 1 to 99 is suitable not only for bloggers. You will see the analogy in every area of ​​activity, where a relatively low barrier to entry of non-professionals. What percentage of actors, musicians or athletes get enough for a comfortable existence income, doing things you love? These days do not require any significant effort to create a blog. Almost anyone can do it. But for success in any business requires talent. For blogging needed intellectual talent. But it allows you to do only the first step. Then you need to apply your mental abilities to a specific area. And the best word that I can describe this kind of talent – savvy network.

If you are very clever in matters related to the Internet, or are able to develop their network savvy, then you have excellent data to capitalize on his blog enough money for the rest of his life … and even more. But if your gray matter does not allow you to show off the Web wit, then listen to the advice: Do not throw most of the work.

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Net savvy

What I mean when I say “network-savvy?” You do not have to be a programmer, but you should be aware that they represent and for what uses a series of web-based technologies. What technologies will be key for you will depend on the nature of your blog and a method of earning on it. Simply put, here’s a list of core technologies with which it is desirable to meet:

  • Software for blogging
  • HTML / CSS
  • The comments in the blog (and comment spam)
  • RSS (reading and distribution)
  • Reading feeds – news feeds (feed aggregators)
  • Automatic warning mechanisms Pings and Trackbacks
  • The difference between the total discharge in the feed of articles or announcements only (full vs. partial feeds)
  • Selections of articles (blog carnivals) (for the initial traffic)
  • Search engines (search engines)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Citation Index PR (page rank)
  • Social networks and social bookmarking (social bookmarking)
  • Labels, tags (tagging)
  • contextual advertising
  • Partnership programs
  • Visitor statistics
  • Email – email

The advantage is: podcasting, internet messaging, php or other web programming language.

This is not an exhaustive list. However, if it has already caused you nauseous and dizzy, I would recommend is not to try to make blogging your primary source of income. Of course, you can create a blog, but compared to the more advanced competitors, you will explicitly loser. So, do not expect to achieve high results, while not significantly increase the amount of knowledge in this area.

If you plan to sell digital products that are downloaded from your site, such as e-books, you should add to the list of e-commerce, SSL, digital delivery, fraud protection, database. Becoming a programmer does not need again, but you have to understand the basics of these technologies. Even if you hire an employee to perform technical tasks, it is important to know and control the whole process. You have to completely trust your strategic decisions, but you can not do this, if you a general who knows how to shoot a gun.

Lack of skills and knowledge – the main reason for failures in the creation of online sources of income. For example, the lack of knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO) will cause that your project will be worse indexed by search engines, compared with the human site, which understands SEO better. But do not consider each technology separately. You must understand the relationship and interaction between them. To profit from a blog, it is necessary to take into account the interests of many parties. You should consider the needs: your own, your visitors, search engines, social bookmarking, advertisers, affiliate programs, as well as the interests of those who refer to your blog, and others. Some seemingly insignificant little things, such as the title page, in fact, are very significant. Coming up with the title of this article, I try to take into account the interests of all these potential visitors. I try to give the title of the article, the relevant theme of the site, which will interest people enough to attract search engine traffic, suitable for the relevant contextual ads and encourage visitors to post a link to an article or add a social bookmark. And most importantly, I want each article represented real value for my visitors. I do my best to come up with a name for my articles that will satisfy these diverse needs. I often have to give up too fancy or clever names, deliberately making them simpler and more understandable. These simple techniques help to increase traffic and improve the position of the site month after month. The absence of only one of the little skill can significantly reduce the required bandwidth. There are dozens of these skills, each of which requires a web-savvy to his understanding, respect and application.

Such knowledge and separate explanatory 1% of the remaining 99%. Both groups are equally hard work, but 1% gets much better results. Usually it takes me no more than 60 seconds to come up with a name for another article, but how much experience is included in those 60 seconds. In fact, you have only one day to explore and realize these ideas; then you will be able to apply them automatically.

Whenever you are faced with a new web technology that did not know, you are looking for a description on Google or Wikipedia , and dive into it deeply enough to understand its basics and principles. To earn money through blogging, it is important to be something of a jack of all trades. You’ve probably heard the expression: “Jack of all trades – not a professional anything.” Maybe so, but you do not have to become an expert in any of these technologies. You only need to be familiar with how to use them. Such is the difference between the car driver and a professional mechanic. Seek only functional knowledge and then move on to the next technology. Although I – an experienced programmer, I do not even know the number of web-based technology used in my blog. I was quite worried. I can use them to get a result. The time required for a thorough study of a new technology, I prefer to spend on familiarization with several functional and immediately begin to use the best of them.

Joy and benefit changes

The greatest risk for you is that you will make mistakes, for which will have to pay. Much more you risk to miss the opportunity. You must change the habitual thinking employee and learn to think like an entrepreneur. Do not get too worried about money, you can lose much more important not to miss the possibility of income. The greatest damage ignorance can give you something important, or failure to use this. Needless blogging – expensive pleasure. Your expenses and financial risks are minimal. The real concern should cause only missed opportunities, the use of which would make it possible to make money much easier. You need to develop intuition, allowing constantly to notice and analyze new opportunities for earnings. I highly recommend subscribing to the blog Darren Rose (by Darren Rowse) Problogger . Darren – acknowledged master of the search of new possibilities of income for bloggers.

The blogosphere is changing very fast, and these changes create new opportunities to earn income. It requires some brains to decipher these opportunities and use them to their advantage before they disappear. If you hesitate to take advantage of something new and exciting their uncertainty, you just miss this opportunity. Most of these opportunities are temporary. And every day, delaying the implementation of these features, you are losing money that could get. In addition, you miss the opportunity to get more traffic, increase traffic to your website and benefit more people.

One time, I was irritated furious rate of development of web technologies. This is even faster than in the gaming industry, where I worked before. And the speed of these changes is growing. Now almost every week I learn about a new Web service or idea that could in the near future to completely change the entire industry. The study of these trends by itself is a full-time job. I learned to love this frantic pace. If the new technology puts me in a deadlock, then all the rest will likely puzzled as I was. And the people who devote only part of the working day, do not have a chance in this race. If they are not confused, then, most likely, they are not in the subject. Therefore, if it turns out I have to be a little quicker, and understand a little faster than the others in these technologies, I will be able to benefit from some serious opportunities before the bar to access these features will fall, and the technology will move into the category of popular. Despite the fact that this turmoil does not add comfort, it is – a really valuable thing for a web entrepreneur. It opens up the opportunity to earn a few months, $ 1 million online for a college student, using only one great idea and own head. Remember, this is not a game with only one winner. Do not let other people’s success frustrate you and cause a feeling of envy. Let someone else’s success instead inspires you.

How do you plan to make?

I do not want to offend everyone, but most people are completely ignorant of income with a blog. In their actions no order, no plan, but they hope to earn a lot of money. While I – an ardent supporter of the approach: “Ready – Aim – Fire!”, Which obviously implies that it is necessary to aim. Abridged version: “Get ready – fire – fire – fire – fire” leads to a continuous blunders.

Take a moment to formulate the main component of income from your website. If you are not good at planning, then come up with at least a general principle of your future earnings. You do not need a detailed business plan, a description of how you plan to move from the current of your income ($ 0 per month) to the extent that you plan to make. The initial objective that I set myself when I made this site were $ 3000 per month. The figure was taken from the ceiling, but I knew that if I could reach $ 3000 per month, and will be able to earn more, and revenues of $ 3,000 – a sufficient amount so that I can feel the changes in their financial situation. I have reached this level, 15 months after the launch of the site (in December 2005). Since then, this figure continues to grow. In fact, income from blogging is fairly easy to maintain. It is much safer than a permanent job. Nobody can fire me, and if one source of income will no longer be profitable, I can always add a few new ones. We will analyze how to earn income from multiple sources, just below …

You want to earn revenue from advertising, affiliate programs, direct product sales, donations, or something else? Maybe you want some combination of all of these sources of income. How would you decide not to generate income, you should write down the main idea of ​​earnings. It took me 15 minutes to develop a strategy for monetizing your blog, and the whole plan took half a page. Now I’m only slightly edit it once a year and check with them once a month. It is not difficult, but it helps me not to lose focus on the chosen path. It also helps me to abandon features that are incompatible with my plan.

Do not forget your strategy (or philosophy) income, when you develop the design of your website. Although you may have multiple sources of income, you must highlight the main ones and design your site accordingly. Decide whether your goal to the visitor eventually appeared on the page with the order form, or that he looked as much advertising, while on the site? Different monetization strategies suggest different approaches to the development of the project. Consider what action the visitor must make on the site to bring you the benefit and in accordance with the Design your life.

In developing a strategy of income, do not hesitate to make your life easier. Do not reinvent the wheel. Copy someone else’s decision if convinced that you will get the desired effect. Do not copy someone else’s content or appearance (it is – a violation of copyright), but notes for yourself monetization methods that your competitors use. I decided to make this blog by posting ads and affiliate programs, after researching how various successful receive income bloggers. Later, I added a button for donations. This is – an effective set.


Traffic, traffic, traffic, indirectly leading to money, money, money

Suppose you feel ready to start making money on your blog no matter what (I have not scared you finally). There are three overriding things needed to generate income from your blog. It – traffic, traffic and more time traffic.
Here are some figures: in the last month (April 2006), my blog is visited by more than 1.1 million people, and they are viewed more than 2.4 million pages. This is almost three times more than six months ago.

Why is traffic so important? Because for most methods of online earnings the amount of your income depends on the magnitude of traffic. If you double the amount of traffic, it’s likely you will double your income (of course, if the quality of your audience will not change). You can make mistakes in almost everything else, but if you are able to attract serious traffic, you find it hard to fail. With enough traffic, in the worst case, you will sooner or later, by trial and error still start earning (until you can hold the visitors come).

When I first started this blog, I knew that driving traffic is my biggest problem. All my plans depended on my ability to get traffic. If I could not bring traffic, I could hardly succeed. So I did not even try to monetize your website in the first few months. I am fully focused on the search traffic. Even 19 months after receipt of the traffic – still the most important part of my project monetization plan. I know that from my current volume of traffic I have not learned all the good, but it is not so important. At the moment, a priority for me is the issue of site development and optimization of income I’m doing as much as possible.

Traffic – the primary fuel for the machine producing revenue online. More visitors generate more clicks on banner ads, more sales, more purchases of partnership proposals, more donations, more consultations requests and more of all that gives you an income. In addition, it means that you are helping more and more people.

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With regard to traffic, you should know that the basic formula of money, too, acts, – the rich get richer. High attendance has enormous potential for traffic capacity, incomparable with all other opportunities available for the little-visited sites. On average, 20 bloggers in the day are placed at the reference to my website, my articles easily rise to the top positions in social networks such as , and I get more invitations to a radio interview. Earlier this year I wrote about in USA Today, and Self Magazine, together with millions of readers. Reporters find me on Google for topics on which I have written. These opportunities were not available to me when I first started. Popular sites have a serious advantage. The more traffic you have, the more traffic you can attract.

If you’re smart and have a web-wit, you certainly will create a highly visited website. And you will be able to increase the existing traffic, thereby causing it to grow more and more.

How To Drive Traffic

But if traffic is so important, the logical question is, how do you attract initial traffic when you start with extremely low levels?

I already wrote a long article on this topic, so I’ll send you straight to it. ” How to Build a High-visited web site (or blog) .” If you do not have time to read the article right now, do not be lazy to add it to your favorites or print to read later. The proposed article covers my general philosophy of attracting traffic, which is based on the creation of content that represents the true value for your visitors. No dirty tricks or gimmicks.

There is another important piece of advice on this subject, which I still touch on here.

Article directories. The main benefit of article directories provide, when you are just starting out (click the previous link and read the frequently asked questions there to understand what article directories, if you do not already know this). Periodically publish your best blog posts in your respective thematic nische directories. Article directories – is the easiest way to get links and traffic and best of all (we mean free directories). Placement of articles takes a few minutes. Not engage in spam, and placement of non-thematic material. Place only unique content, clearly related theme directory.


At the beginning of the work on attracting visitors I have added articles to various directories once a week, and it had me invaluable services to increase traffic (from zero to 50 000 visitors per month). You must continue to create quality content and article directories allow you to make the first free marketing step in promoting your blog unknown. Free promotion – this is the opportunity that you will not want to miss. Article directories like free evening of short films in the film industry. They give fans a chance to show their stuff. I still continue to post articles to certain directories from time to time, but now my attendance is so high that, frankly, they do not give me a tangible increase. To increase traffic by only 1% in the month, I need 11,000 new visitors, and even the best directories and collections of articles are not able to provide such traffic. But you can get dozens or even hundreds of new subscribers each posted article or review, so it is – a great way to start. Plus it is very easy.

If your traffic is not growing month after month, does this mean that you are doing something wrong? Most likely, you just do not have enough of the right things. Once again, it is acceptable to make mistakes. It is unacceptable to miss an opportunity.

It hurts if accommodation advertising site traffic?

Standard concern I hear from people who are going to monetize your website:

Placing advertising on my site will bring harm to his attendance. Advertising scare people, and they never return back.

From my own experience, I can say that it is absolute, perfect, as well as full and unconditional … WRONG. These fears were groundless. Guess How does the placement of advertising on my site on the volume of traffic. Nothing. Guess what happened to the traffic, when I increased the number of ads and links in donation requests. Nothing. I do not feel any impact of these actions on the traffic to the site. Traffic continued to increase at the same rate as before (before the advertisement appeared on my website). In fact, it even made me a little, because some bloggers put a link to my site just to say that they do not like the ads on my site. I leave you the right to own to build their own theories about it. Probably due to the fact that the network has already taken a huge amount of publicity, some people will complain about the appearance of advertisements on your site. But if they value the content, you still come back in spite of his words.

Most adults understand that the blogger is reasonable to earn income from his work. I think I got lucky with the audience my project. She is very mature. Immature people are not interested in personal development. Create an article such as this requires a serious effort, not to mention the experience necessary for its writing. In writing and editing only one of this article I have spent more than 15 hours. I think it is not unreasonable to receive income from such work. If you do not find in it anything of value, you pay nothing. What could be fairer this approach? The more income brings me to this blog, the more I can invest in it. For example, I spent part of the income to buy the equipment for recording podcasts, and added the appropriate section of the site. At the moment I have already recorded 13 podcasts. All of them are free. In addition, I plan to in the future to add to this site some additional services. More income – better service.

At the time of writing this article, my site is heavily loaded advertising. Some people point to me on this (like I do not know about). “You know, Steve, we think that your website contains a lot of advertising,” – they say. Of course, I know about it. I – the one who placed the ad there. And I have a reason to place this number of advertising materials and it is at these places. This configuration is effective! People continue to click on them. If they were not effective, I would remove them immediately and try something else.

I avoid placing certain types of advertisements that he find it annoying when I see them on other sites. For example, pop-ups and interstitials (stuff that flies across your screen). They are, in my opinion, harmful to the site, even though that would have brought me a lot of money, because too irritating to visitors and reduce the impression of the site.

I also offer an alternative option to access site information that does not contain advertising. If you absolutely do not tolerate advertising, you can always read my article without it. I give the full-text RSS feed without advertisements (at least not yet). However, I add a request for donations to the bottom of these texts.

If you want to see real data traffic of my site, you can look at a chart of traffic growth for 2005. For the first time I posted ads on the site in February 2005, and although the figure does not include traffic growth in February, its growth rate was exactly the same. If you are interested in an independent source of information, you can also look at my traffic chart on the Alexa . There you can select different time ranges and see statistics for different periods of time.


Several sources of income

You should not put all your eggs in one basket. Come up with several sources of income. On this site I get an income of six different sources. Do you want to find them? Here they are:

  1. Contextual advertising the Google the Adsense (pay per clicks and ads)
  2. Donations (via PayPal or regular mail – yes, some people send checks)
  3. Placing text links (fixed monthly payment)
  4. Ad network Chitika eMiniMalls (pay per click)
  5. Affiliate programs such as Amazon or LinkShare (for the sale of their goods Commission, mainly books)
  6. Sponsored ads from advertisers (advertising campaigns for a period of three months or more)

Note: If you are reading this article shortly after it was written, the list is likely to change. I often experiment with different sources.

Adsense brings me the most revenue. Some of the other also bring quite a decent income. Each source brings me more than $ 100 per month.

My second-largest cash flow – it is a donation. Typically, a donation of about $ 10, but I received a lot of donations and $ 100. The only thing I needed to do, it’s about an hour of time to adjust the reception of money through PayPal. Therefore, even if all the information on your site is freely available (like me), give your visitors the ability to voluntarily support you, if they wish. It is mutually beneficial. I am very grateful for the support of its visitors. Furthermore, it is a good form of feedback. If I notice that certain items have initiated a surge of donations, it tells me that I was in the top ten, and gave people a really valuable information.

Nevertheless, this is not my only source of income. I started to get online revenue since 1995. My business related to the production of computer games continues to generate income through direct sales, royalty income, affiliate programs, and donations (with free products) and advertising. And if you look at the cash flow of my wife, it gets really funny: advertising, direct sales of books, book sales through distributors, web consulting, income from affiliate programs as Adsense and something else that I have forgotten. Simply say, we get a lot of checks from different places. Some of them into small amounts, but together provide a substantial amount. Moreover, such a path is extremely reduces the risk. If a source of income is exhausted, we will only expand existing sources or create new ones. I suggest you think about my blog, among other things, as a potential source of multiple cash flows.

Automation revenues

Except for the 6th paragraph, all other sources of income are fully automated. I do not have to do anything to support them, except cashing checks, although in most cases I do not even do that, because the money will automatically be transferred to my bank account.

Like automated income. Currently, management of this blog does not mean no sales, no employees, no products, no inventory, no credit card processing, no fraud and no customers. Still, the site brings sufficient (and growing) income.

Why, then get a regular job and trade your time for money, when you can let technology do all the work for you? Imagine that you feel when waking up every morning, you walk up to your computer and check how much money you earned while sleeping. It’s really very nice.

Programs and equipment for blogging

I use WordPress for my blog, and highly recommend it to you. WordPress is very functional and easy to manage. And in addition it is free.

In addition, the site I use a bit of custom code written in HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. I – the programmer, so all the code he wrote himself. I could easily use an existing template, but I wanted to blog a simple and user-friendly design and to view the blog to match the rest of the site. Plus, I’m using PHP and MySQL, to do some unusual things is a blog engine, such as the experiment on the Million Dollar .

I do not recommend using third-party services, such as the Blogger , if you are serious about making this blog. You will not have enough control over the blog. If you do not have your own website address (URL), you are attached to a service that is not yours, and building your site, you develop other people’s assets, instead of their own. You want to improve the position and to increase the reference mass of its own website, and not someone else’s someone else’s. In addition, you need to have sufficient control over the structure and design of your site, as you can face the opportunities for its realization will require profound changes in the site structure. If you are using a blog on a third-party service, you are at the mercy of a company that provides hosting service, and it imposes some inconvenience and risks for the future of any income streams from this project. Of course, the placement of the project on their own hosting adds a little bit of work, but it greatly reduces the risks in the long term.

Web hosting is inexpensive, and there are many good hosts from which to choose. I recommend for a web hosting account novice blogger. It’s not the cheapest hosting, but it is very reliable and has a sane support. I know a lot of companies working online, which place they have their own projects. My wife also recommends them to its customers.

With the growth of traffic you will have to move to a dedicated or virtual private server (VPS). This website is hosted on a platform ServInt from the very first day, and in all that time they have proven themselves as excellent hosting company. Most of all I like the constant, invisible to me modernization pursued hosters with increasing my traffic. We with them have already passed several stages of development (increase site capacity), and they all went smoothly and without interruption. A weighty argument in favor of buying your own server is that you can put on it a large number of sites. On my server is running multiple sites, and I do not need any additional money to add another regular site.

Leave a comment or disable

When I opened this blog, I’ve included the ability to comment on articles. As I was growing traffic growth and the number of comments. On some days there were more than 100 pieces. I noticed that I spend on management commentary more and more time, and began to question whether they are worth the effort. It became clear that with an increase in the growth of traffic I’ll have to either change its approach to the idea of ​​commenting or be buried under an avalanche of increasing user comments. The theme of personal development, of which I am writing, provokes a lot of questions and discussions. Just imagine how many follow-up questions could produce an article like this. With tens of thousands of readers that would be madness. In addition, moderation spam comments also absorbed more and more of my time.

But I realized after analyzing his statistics, that only a tiny percentage of visitors drew attention to the comments in general, and an even smaller portion adds a comment (much less than 1% of all visitors). This facilitated my decision-making process, and in October 2005 I have disabled comments on your blog. In retrospect, I would say that this was one of my best decisions. It is a pity that I have not done this before.

You need in the comments, to increase traffic? Obviously, no. From off the comments, as well as from advertising, I saw declining attendance. In fact, I think it even went in my favor. Although I turned off the comments, I kept Trackbacks and thus began to get even more feedback. Now, if people want to publicly comment on something I have written, they have to do it on their own blogs and put a link to my project. Thus, the comments did not kill off the discussion, the discussion is now just went off-site. Comments walking through trackbacks, much more sensible and require much less support. Sometimes I look at other people’s websites where my articles under discussion, and even from time to time add your comments, but I do not feel obligated to participate in the discussions, as the discussion is not on my own site.

I am well aware that people have a very strong need to comment on the contents of the blog and build around that like-minded community. Many believe that a blog without comments – this is not a blog. Personally, I think it be a complete nonsense. Comments are not supported by the blog life. The vast majority of blog visitors do not read and do not add any comments. Only a very small, but very eloquent part of them, cares about the comments. Some bloggers say that having comments helps to increase the traffic, but I have not seen evidence of this. I even think that everything is just the opposite. Having the opportunity to comment on the author’s site suppresses the desire of bloggers to express their thoughts in their own new notes. It is much better to receive trackback and a link from someone else’s blog, instead of comments to your article on your own blog. Regular readers of my blog know that when I’m faced with the ambiguity, I like to try all the alternatives in practice and compare the results. In this particular case, since the practical research, my conclusion is: No comment:)

Thus, if you want to leave comments on the site, other than because of the increase in traffic, for example, the interest of dialogue or the search for new contacts, I will say that you are on the right track. But if you are, in practice, do not check the comments on the impact of traffic, and do not assume that they are useful or even necessary to drive traffic.

Build a complete website instead of just blog

Do not limit your web site just a blog. Feel free to attach to one another. Although most of my visitors purposefully talking to your blog, there’s a whole site built around it. For example, the home page of my website is an overview of all parts of the project, including blog articles section , audio podcasts, etc. Many people still do not know what a blog is, so if your whole site – a blog, these people are a little puzzled.


Testing and Optimization

In the beginning you may not know what potential sources of income will work best for your project. So try everything available to you. If you learn about a new source of income, check it for a month or two, measure and analyze their results. Feel free to cut streams that do not work on your project, and give more effort optimizing those streams that meet the expectations.

A few months ago I started an account and started to work with Text Link Ads. It took about 20 minutes. They sell small text ads on my site, shared with me Income 50/50 and transferred part of my earnings directly into my account PayPal. This month I get about $ 600 from them, and perhaps a little more if they sell a few new announcements during the month. And it -fully passive income. If I had not tried it, I would have missed this easy extra income.

For many months I have placed Adsense ads on this site. I tried a variety of colors, sizes, layouts. I continue to experiment in this area from time to time, but I have a hard time. However, it brings real benefit to me. Adsense does not allow advertising customers to disclose information about the parameters of CPM and CTR, but my advertisers definitely feel good. Although they started out with poor performance. You can easily double or triple your income with Adsense ads, changing the location of the ad units. This – the main reason for the first year of our collaboration site traffic has grown by 20% a month, and my income grew by 50% per month. Constant testing and optimization had a positive impact. Many of my tests had no effect on the income received, and some are even forced him to go down, but I’m glad that I did all these experiments. If I had not worked so hard while on the study of its revenue from the Adsense, they would have received at a fraction of the amount that is now paid.

The experiments do not require material expenditures. Each new ad or a link to a service partner, I place myself in a free contract. I often add a new source of income is less than one hour, and then wait a month to see how it works. If it does not bring benefits, then I am glad that at least learned something. If you start to go the money – great! As a blogger who wants to earn an income, you should always experiment with new sources of income. If you have not tried anything new in six months, you will almost certainly miss some great opportunities. Each blog is different from each other, so you need to check every source of income directly on your website (to see that it gives (or does not) on your project). The result is always positive. Either you succeed in obtaining income, or – something to learn.

Find your niche, but make sure it is not too low

Choose a niche for your blog in which you are an expert (or at least well-versed), but make sure it’s a big enough niche, and you will be able to attract a significant number of visitors. My wife runs a popular vegetarian website. It makes quite decent money within its niche, but it’s not a very big niche. While my corner (personal development theme) has a wider audience. Potentially, any may be interested in improving their own lives, and I have all the data to write about topics such as performance, discipline, relationships, spirituality, health, etc. All this applies to personal development.

Choose a niche that fascinates you. I have written more than 400 articles, and still feel like a beginner. I did not feel like a scribbled. I always wanted to do a project on the problems of personal development, because I am very well aware, have a wealth of personal experience and is very passionate about this topic. I could not find a better niche.

Do not choose a niche just because it is expected that it will bring you money. I see a lot of bloggers are guided precisely by this motivation. This – the main reason for their failure. Think about what you love the most, and then look for a way to present your topic big raznosortnyh audience. Find something that will be of genuine value to your visitors. All this you can give them.

Enough broad topic creates more potential advertising partners. If I continue to write on the same narrow theme over and over again, I run the risk of exhausting their limited number of advertisers, and the income stops growing. But, encompassing many different sub-themes, united by a common idea, I extend the range of potential advertisers, and therefore their number. In addition, this I increase the readership of your site.

Details tell your visitors about your blog / website. Often I get on blogs with clever titles that do not say anything about the site content. In this case, I usually assume that it is – just someone’s personal journal (diary), and move on. I have nothing against the mind, but I came to the conclusion that the clarity and specificity lead to much better results than the mind.

Dimensions Content and update frequency

Do bloggers have different opinions about the right length, and frequency of releases published articles. Some bloggers say that it is better to write a short (250-750 words), write and publish 20 entries per week or more. I saw that this strategy works on some sites, but I decided to do things differently. I usually try to write 3-5 issues a week, but my article is much longer (typically 1000-2000 words, but sometimes more than 5000 words, the type of monster that you are reading right now). Therefore, instead of spread lots of short tips, I prefer to write a more comprehensive, in-depth articles with a deep analysis of the subject. I find that in-depth articles longer motivated to refer to them, advise comrades and allow an increase in attendance. Of course, fewer people will take the time to read them all, but those who do it, will make for a lot of valuable information. I do not believe in the creation of a “single content”, whose sole purpose is to increase the number of views and impressions of banners. If I do not have a real help to the visitors, I wasted spend their time.


Blogging requires little or no cost.

I do not spend money on advertising or promotion, so I have zero marketing costs. In fact, the content of my site – my marketing. If you liked this article, then you are likely to find many more pearls in the archive .

My only expenses for this website – payment hosting (I’m currently paying $ 149 a month for a web server and access channel), and the domain name lease ($ 9 per year). Almost all income, which makes this site a profit. It is added to the total amount of my personal income, because, like the rest of the cash flows is subject to income tax. But in fact, to conduct blogger business expenses are minimal.

The reason I pay so much for hosting is high traffic. If the blog attendance was much lower, I would place the site on the cheap general hosting account. Vysokoposeschaemy blog using the database can be a real resource hog. The same can be said about online forums. With the increase in traffic volume accounts coming from the host, it is also increasing, but it is still a tiny part of the total income.


Depending on the nature of your blog with an increase in attendance of your site you can get some nice bonuses. Almost in the mail every week I get a free personal development books (authors, hoping for a review on my website). Sometimes, the author sends me the book personally. Another time a publisher sends me a batch of books. I also get a CD, DVD and other products, on the theme of personal development. Sometimes it is difficult to absorb all of this (currently waiting for their turn a few dozen books), but I – an avid consumer of such products, so I devour them with the maximum possible speed for me. When something seems worth mentioning, I really write a review to share my discovery with visitors. I have very high expectations, so I mention in the reviews below 10% of what I receive. I read more than 700 books on the subject and listened to dozens of audio programs, so have a wealth of experience in filtering pacifiers. I’m sure you can imagine how much of a frank delusions on self-improvement I have read.

My main criteria for writing a product review on this site – it’s originality, credibility and depth. Materials that do not meet these criteria, I do not consider, even if offered a generous affiliate program. I’m not going to abuse the trust of my visitors to make an easy buck. Making a profit – not the main purpose of creating this site. The main thing that motivates me – it is the desire to grow and to help others to grow, to always occupy a first position.
Your blog can open you access to many public events. Vysokoposeschaemy blog potentially becomes a news agency, so you can view the project as a means of mass media (the media) than it in fact is. A few days later my wife and I are going to visit the three-day workshop, using a free ticket to the press. The regular price for the tickets for it is $ 500 per person. I plan to do a full review of the seminar next week. I was on such a seminar in 2004, so I expect a lot from him. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Wayne Dyer (Dr. Wayne Dyer).

I also use the popularity of the blog to get interviews with people that I have always wanted to learn more. This is a great win-win cooperation as valuable to me, my audience and the person being interviewed. I recently published an exclusive interview with multi-millionaire Mark Allen (Marc Allen), together with a review of his last book. Other interesting interviews are also waiting in the wings. It is easy to convince someone to give an interview in exchange for the obvious benefits vysokopopulyarnom publication on the website.


I have no doubt that I would be right in saying that money is the cause of №1, encourages people to start a blog. But your motivation must be deeper. Money – just a beautiful shell glaze. It is really important that this is the cake for icing. My pie – is that I am madly in love – personal development. Not fake “quick and easy” junk that you see on commercials, and real personal growth, which makes us the best in people. This is my passion. Getting money from this activity only adds fuel to the fire, which, however, will be on regardless of whether there is money or not.

What is your passion? What would be your blog, if you did not need material goods?

Lifestyle blogger

Perhaps the best thing that entails a decision to make blogging a source of income, is freedom. I work from home and set their own working hours. I am writing whenever there is an inspiration to write (which I do often). In addition, I spend my time doing what I love most – working on personal growth and help others do the same. There is nothing that I would like to do more than that.

Perhaps it is true that 99 people out of 100 will not be able to earn a decent blogging. But perhaps you’re the 1 in 100 who can.

How to make money with your blog
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How to make money with your blog
Some people have a prejudice against earnings on their blogs. If you think monetizing your blog is something bad, immoral, unethical, unpleasant, testifying to the greed and the like, then give up the earnings on it.

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