Are you tired of the constant ups and downs of sales? Would you like to predict future income, but do not fully understand what leads to success or failure?

Many managers face this problem. Because of a large number of variables, they do not understand what provides efficiency, so they can not control business performance.

Solve it with sales support.

Training, mentoring, organizing effective processes, content and useful tools help sales professionals close more deals and predict the results of their work.

Sales support allows you to get rid of obstacles to success, optimizes processes and allows employees to do what they do best – sell.

A specially formed team can support sales, but there will be enough close cooperation between marketing and sales departments.

Below we will look at five essential elements of internal sales support that will help your employees beat new records.

1. Training – transfer of knowledge

Training of employees allows forming the skills necessary for effective work. Your sales people should understand the market, customers and your product well, and also have the best techniques.

To maximize the benefit of the lessons, do not overload the employees. Devote a certain topic to a limited number of hours. But train regularly.

Modern electronic training systems allow you to create informative and visual materials, as well as track the results of employees. Such solutions make it possible to effectively train teams of all sizes.

2. Mentoring – activating knowledge


You can not limit yourself to learning. To realize this knowledge in practice, it is necessary to supplement them with the advice and guidance of experts.

Mentoring allows the individual approach to the development of each employee and solves emerging problems and difficulties as they become available.

The participation of the expert should be regular, about once a week, and short-term. For example, within five minutes you can discuss with the employee ways to solve the problem that arose when he made a call to the client. The current information is better remembered.

You can also give employees the opportunity to analyze their own calls so that they can understand in which direction they should improve.

3. Effective sales process

You should not organize sales at random. Create, assimilate and optimize the structure of the marketing and sales process that will help your employees achieve better results.

The sales process card begins with the first contact with the client and ends with the closing of the transaction. It should explain how you generate leads, evaluate them, convince them, fight against objections and close the deal.

The first stage-by-stage sales process you outlined will most likely not be ideal. But with something you need to start.

To bring the structure to perfection, use marketing automation and customer relationship management solutions.

4. Use the tools


Technology – a powerful catalyst for domestic sales, which will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of the team. You can use the following tools:

  • Marketing automation for managing, tracking and optimizing campaigns that support sales.
  • Market research software which collects the necessary information and allows sales professionals to establish links with the right people.
  • Business Directory with data on the size of companies, industries and location.
  • Programs for virtual conferences which will allow you to communicate with customers around the world and conduct product demonstrations.
  • Automatic set which will save the time of employees.
  • CRM systems managing client data and recording all the actions of sales professionals.
  • Online learning management programs to create flexible and personalized programs.

All these tools will allow your employees to devote more time to direct communication with customers, as well as increase their professionalism and efficiency.

5. Content that answers all questions

Sales professionals should not take full responsibility for communicating with customers. It would be more appropriate to provide them with content that contains answers to all frequently asked questions of buyers.

Sales professionals can send e-books, white papers, case studies, blog posts, videos, webinars, data tables, infographics and many other content formats to customers.

Also, your employees should have access to information that they can use in communicating with customers. It can be:

  • The plan of conversation by phone,
  • Statistical data reinforcing trust,
  • Answers to frequently asked questions,
  • Comparison with competitors,
  • Advice on dealing with objections,
  • Customizable templates for email messages.

As you can see, to increase the predictability of the results of the sales team, you need to take into account a lot of nuances. Do not try to cover everything at once.

Start by prioritizing. Create a training program and develop a guide for mentors, then begin to form a sales process that will evolve over time. After this, give the employees the necessary tools and content.

All this will allow you to significantly increase the efficiency of sales professionals, which will lead to the growth of key indicators.

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