The task of email marketers is to make the user open the email, and then perform the targeted action – watched the video, went to the site or ordered the goods.

To increase the conversion, specialists need to constantly test fresh ideas and replace the users bored with new ones. So, in place of simple images came GIF-animation. In this article, we will analyze what the GIF-format is better than video and conventional images, and we will study the use of hyphens in mailing lists on practical examples.

The technical part

One way to attract the attention of recipients of the mailing list is the use of video. However, initially, e-mail was not designed to embed the content of this type in messages. Therefore, marketers have to go to different tricks – for example, use static screenshots video with the “Play” button superimposed on them. After clicking on this picture, the video will open on an external site, for example, on YouTube.

Another option is to use an animated teaser. Similar mechanics work here, but instead of a static image, a hype with a link to the full video is inserted into the letter. If the user is interested and clicks on it, the full video will open on the external site.

 Technical part 2.gif

Plus this approach, unlike video, GIF-images are supported by most mail programs:

GIF images attract more attention

Readers are more likely to pay attention to GIF animation than to a regular image. For example, Dell has created an advertising mailing list with a laptop-transformer. In the text of the letter there was such a GIF-image:

 Technical part 4.gif "width =" 533 "height =" 359

According to the research of MarketihgSherpa, the use of this animated image increased revenue by 109% in comparison with regular mailings without animation. In addition, click through rate increased by 42%, and conversion – by 103%.

When can I use GIF animation

Gifs can also be used to tell readers about the company’s news. For example, the Nordstrom store posted at the beginning of its letter an animated picture with a repeating word “announce” to attract the attention of buyers:

 When you can use GIF animation 1.gif "width =" 600 "height =" 341

The editor of the Litmus mailing list blog recommends using GIF animation to create a sense of intrigue. So, for example, the company LOFT did, inviting readers to “unwrap” a gift on the site:

 When you can use GIF animation 2.gif "width =" 300 "height =" 285

And GIF can visually show the work of the program interface. This is also used by the creators of email-list services. For example, here’s the instruction for using the MailChimp interface:

 When to use GIF animation 3.gif "width =" 600 "height =" 321

The blog of Oracle recommends using GIF images in e-mail lists of online stores. For example, the store Neiman Marcus with the help of GIF-animation stimulates the buyers who added goods to the basket but never paid them. They create a GIF image with the goods and send them to the mail, dispelling all doubts.

 When to use GIF animation 5.gif "width =" 300 "height =" 392

Terms of use of GIF in letters

With all the advantages of GIF images in mailing lists, they can be hurt. To make an animated picture to attract buyers, you need to observe several important conditions.

The main thing is the first frame

If the user’s mail client does not support GIF animation, only the first frame will be displayed. Experts Litmus advise placing on the first slide all the useful information so that the image looked harmonious and conveyed the main idea.

 The main thing is the first frame. "Width =" 600 "height =" 602

The total should be in moderation

GIF images may be of interest to customers, but only if you do not overdo with their use. When there are many animated pictures in the letter and it constantly flashes, the user may not notice the text that is between them.

Frame switching speed

The reader may not notice that his letter has a GIF if the frames switch too slowly. Do not make him wait when the next frame appears. Pictures should be replaced quickly, but do not blink with all colors, as in the interfaces of sites of the early 2000s.

The weight of the image

GIF images can also weigh a lot. The ideal size is no more than 20 KB. If the picture turned out to be “heavy”, you can delete several frames and reduce the number of colors and animations.


Statistics show that the video came into the email domain for a long time. According to the Wyzowl report for 2016, 61% of companies started using video in email-lists. In addition, statistics based on the analysis of a billion letters proved that the click-through rate of newsletters with video is 96% higher than without it.

However, the video has its obvious limitations – that’s why more and more companies do not integrate full clips directly into messages. Instead, it is much more convenient to use teasers and hyphens.


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