What happens if you combine the first letters of the autumn months? What we all so lack. How is your autumn depression there?

The first bells rang, people dressed warmly and began to adjust to the working mood. Autumn has come, which means it’s time to plan content for October. It was not long to wait for him.

What unusual festivals and events will be an excellent inspiration for marketers next month?

1. International Day of Music – October 1


Music is probably loved by everyone. There are so many different genres and performers that anyone will find something to their liking. The International Day of Music has been celebrated since 1975, but few people in Russia know about it.

Tell the subscribers about this unusual holiday, offer to share your favorite songs or organize a charity concert of local teams. Spend a thematic competition or arrange a raffle. And you can show everyone what your team members are capable of. Surely, they have hidden talents that you can not even guess about.

2. World Animal Protection Day – October 4


Animals are our neighbors on the planet, we must take care of them. October 4 is an excellent occasion to recall this.

Organize a charity event in support of the local animal shelter or create a touching video about our smaller brothers. Your readers, for sure, like the report from the local zoo or a selection of funny pictures with animals. Do not miss the opportunity to collect unique custom content, especially if your brand is associated with the zoo industry. Everyone loves to talk about their pets.

3. World Teacher’s Day – October 5


The school is an integral part of the life of many Russians. The first question that arises in school children and parents: what to give to teachers on October 5? Help readers in solving this difficult task and share master classes and ideas for creating gifts. You can also prepare an overview of the best offers of online stores.

4. World Smile Day – October 6


And let’s smile! Just like that, without any reason. It’s great when everyone around is happy. Your readers still do not know about this wonderful holiday? So tell us about him. And at the same time ask to publish in social networks photo with amazing smiles and your branded hashtag. Remove an inspiring video or arrange a flashmob in your city. Give your fan a couple of new occasions to smile every day.

5. World Post Day – October 9


Many marketers are so immersed in the Internet that they almost forgot about the existence of traditional channels of promotion. And they, nevertheless, still work. For example, paper mail. Even the younger generation gives this channel more attention than digital advertising.

World Post Day is an excellent occasion to send colorful letters or postcards to your customers. It can be a thankfulness for the brand loyalty with a member card of a VIP client club, information about an exclusive offer or even just a catalog. Of course, printing such materials will cost more than the usual email-mailing. But consumers will remember this kind of attention for a long time and are more likely to react to your message.

6. Day of the boss – October 16


Today it is difficult to find a person who does not have a beloved (and sometimes “beloved”) boss. Relationships with bosses always take shape in different ways. Invite customers to tell their stories. For sure, it will be interesting. Also remind the readers that they do not forget to congratulate their leaders, and share ideas of gifts.

7. Day of Advertising Workers in Russia – October 23


Advertising is a real art. Especially in today’s competitive environment. Bad advertising is annoying, good is inspiring.

In honor of this date, please clients with their next masterpiece or prepare a review of the best advertising. If your brand is engaged in advertising, share valuable experiences and tell us about effective techniques. For many this information will be interesting. And you can ask customers to come up with the concept of an advertising campaign for your brand. A great way to generate fresh ideas.

8. International Animation Day – October 28


Animation is not just cartoons for children, it’s an opportunity to create stunning worlds, limited only by your imagination. Have you ever used this content format? International Animation Day is an excellent occasion to start.

Remove the animated movie and see if it will appeal to your customers. Think of a cute character that will become the mascot of your brand, and tell stories that no one can resist.

9. International Day of Economy – October 31


Saving is not always boring and forced. Any consumer will be happy to buy a good product at a discount. That’s why marketing is so popular stocks and sales. Tell your subscribers about this holiday and make them an offer they can not refuse. It is also possible to prepare a useful article on methods for saving the family budget, share proven lifesthaks or simply make an overview of global sales in your city.

10. Halloween – October 31


Halloween is celebrated for about two thousand years already. In our country, this holiday was learned relatively recently, but even for a short time he fell in love with many Russians. On this day it is customary to scare and beg for sweets.

How to scare customers with the benefit of the brand? Take an atmospheric video with a tour of your “decorated” for the holiday office, share the unreasoned horror stories or arrange a thematic competition. But do not try too hard, remember, everything should end well.

On a theme of Halloween it is possible and even it is necessary to joke, the humor is well remembered. If possible, organize a party or event, maybe even in flash mob format. Also, share recipes for frightening dishes or master classes on make-up.

October offers marketers many reasons to try their hand at new genres and to fully demonstrate their creative abilities and imagination. We hope that we managed to inspire you with some interesting ideas.


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