In this small lesson, we show how you can easily and easily add a time display under each post on the WordPress site, which you need to spend the site visitor to read this post. For example, a short note will be displayed: Read in 2 minutes.

Let’s get going!

Why should I show time to read a post?

When you are blogging, your main task is to attract as many visitors to the site as possible.

However, you also need to take care of how much time visitors spend on your site. This affects factors such as involvement, trust, and loyalty, and all this ultimately affects your conversion.

That’s why some popular sites display the progress bar fixed on top “on large posts and longs – to make it easier for the reader to navigate, how much he has already read, and how much time it will take to complete the reading.

Another famous technique is the display of approximate time for reading even before the visitor clicked and opened this article.

Today information overwhelms everyone from all sources, you can not have time to read everything interesting for a day. You can have a cool and “catchy” headline, but the visitor simply runs his eyes past him, because he will find the information behind this header too big.

It’s another matter if there is a footnote next to this title – Read in 5 minutes . Then the visitor can immediately understand whether he is ready to spend this time reading, and to open this article.

In other words, you have more chances that your posts will be opened and read, if visitors will know how much time this takes.

Now let’s see how this can be implemented on WordPress.

Plugin Reading Time WP

To do this, you can install a free plug-in Reading Time WP :

After installing and activating the plug-in, go to Settings → Reading Time WP

Here you can customize the text that will be displayed next to the time. You can also adjust the read speed. This parameter will automatically calculate the time in minutes, which will go into reading each post. The default setting is 300 words per minute .

If you do not want the time automatically displayed for each post, you can uncheck the box next to Insert Reading Time before content and Insert Reading Time before excerpt .

Then you can manually set the time for each post separately using shortcode from the plugin.

Do not forget to save the settings after the changes made!

Now you can go to the home page of your site. You will see a display of the time before each post:

That’s it! I hope this little trick will help increase the involvement and the number of your visitors!


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