Content marketing is a game with a long sight.

On the one hand, it’s great – during this time our lazy and undisciplined competitors can come off the track.

On the other hand, it’s bad – because we ourselves have the days when we do not want to do anything.

At first we can still somehow hold out on adrenaline and enthusiasm. But when time goes by, we need some new chips so that our blog, or video channel, or podcast, will continue to cause delight both for our audience and for us.

Below – 10 tips to help you again “fall in love” with your site:

1. Study additional material


Usually, when we study new problems, we immerse ourselves in it with our heads. We study all kinds of materials until we understand all the nuances.

It’s like a honeymoon – we are so carried away by our theme that we can not tear ourselves away from it

But, unfortunately, the honeymoon can not last forever, and concentration on only one set of questions can quickly bore us. And our audience.

And here is the most important thing to feel when it’s time to go beyond your specifics and expand your horizons.

If you are interested in something extra, you will eventually become even more experienced in YOUR field.

In addition, this approach allows you to always remain engaged in your business.

2. Use the new methods


Reading additional material will lead you to fresh ideas for creating content in your mainstream.

You can also use the new method or format.

If you are not very good at writing, did you think about running a podcast or video channel?

When you “dress” your thoughts into a new “form”, you look at your topic with new eyes. The information presented in another way will become even more interesting for everyone.

3. Get a notebook for writing ideas


For any content marketer, it is advisable to get a notebook to write down ideas, article titles or links to them, so that they can be read later, and much more.

They say that the work of creative people is to “make candy out of nothing.” But this, of course, is not quite so: we are creating material based on our observations and connections that we establish between them.

Interesting information you can create much faster and easier if you take for yourself the rule of making notes in a notebook.

4. Change the appearance of the site


Many believe that the design of the site should be neat and simple. However, this does not mean that it should be boring.

Sometimes it’s enough to just change the design so you can look at your blog with different eyes.

If you are bored with the design or you just want to change some of the details, use the themes from WordPress.

5. Rid yourself of unpleasant work


Our fatigue often does not arise because of the focus on one topic, the small and uninteresting work that must be done to make your site function. Updates to WordPress, plugins, and security patches cause us usually only stress and boredom.

Try to find yourself an assistant or use an automated solution.

6. Conduct an online session “Question-answer”


As the so-called “Energy Source” for your content, you can use the session in the form of a “question-answer.”

This advice can help you if:

  • You are bored with your topic.
  • You do not know what should be your next (or first) product or service.
  • You are trying to find topics to write about.

First of all, make a broadcast packet for all communication channels that you can cover. Such channels can be your pages on Twitter and on Facebook or an email list. Inform people that you are planning an online session to answer their questions about your topic.

As for the questions, they should be collected in advance. This will give you time to find the answers to those of them in which you are not 100% sure. Sift also those questions that are not of interest to most of your audience.

50 etiquette rules for online meetings are waiting for you here.

Answer the webinar questions in the form of a series of podcasts, videos or posts on your blog.

By the way, collecting questions and answering them is always an effective way to become more competent and find out the pain points of your audience.

This is also a great way to strengthen self-confidence and make sure that you CAN help people who are experiencing difficulties.

7. Find like-minded people


Everyone needs communication. Try to make contact with people who are doing the same thing as you.

Think about how you could spend time in a social environment?

Is there an interactive event that you could go to?

Is there any monthly meeting on interests in your city?

Is there a group of people creating content, or business owners, with whom you could meet for coffee twice a month?

If a personal meeting is not possible, try to form a small group that could communicate via Skype, Google Hangouts or a group call.

8. Write about the successes of other people


It’s nice not only to communicate with people, but also to talk about their successes.

Are there those among your audience who are engaged in amazing things?

Write about them! Give them a platform so that they can share their success.

Think, which of the key players in your subject is arouse your enthusiasm?

Highlight the main points of their work, give a link to their content, invite them to your podcast.

Telling the stories of people from your community, you will remember your own – why did you like your theme before.

9. Use your strengths


You may have a talent for writing, but your design skills leave much to be desired.

We are all in some things the master of our business, and in some – do not understand. To become more professional in something, you do not need an innate talent – you just need to spend time trying to come up with something original.

Yes, we do not have so much time to become specialists in everything. In addition, there are always problems that we do not really like to solve.

Try to identify your strengths and use them for the benefit of your site. If your trump card is to write, you can postpone work with video content for later. If you have oratorical art, paint beautifully or are strong in something else, apply these skills to work with your blog. Only by using your advantages, you can have an advantage over your competitors.

10. Do not be afraid to open


Are you afraid to tell other people about what touches you to the bottom of your heart? Perhaps you just think that this will not be of interest to anyone, and that your audience will run away from you?

In fact, this fear is unreasonable.

There are many websites where almost every post is a complete idle talk. However, even such blogs have a bunch of fans.

If you are not against demagogy breeding, then go ahead!

But even if you are not a supporter of such an occupation, why not just try on your blog to express your point about your attitude to those values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are of particular concern to you?

Of course, to lay out on public view your opinion and share personal – scary. But, as they say, wolves are afraid – not to go to the forest. Therefore, you should not hide behind a mask of restraint – it will not protect you anyway, but it will become a prison for your opportunities for sure.

11. Bonus: Turn everything into a game


And finally:

Have fun with the process of writing articles. Play with your blog.

Experiment! Flirt! Fool around! Try different ways!

Do not take yourself too seriously!

After all, the game is an excellent, and most importantly, a pleasant way to become smarter, make contact with other interesting people and create, and not find the meaning of your life!

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