Every new generation is said to be much worse than the previous one. However, not long ago The Atlantic magazine published an excerpt from the book of psychologist Jean Turangi, who for 25 years studied the difference between generations. He noticed that modern adolescents differ markedly from their predecessors. Turangi even came up with a name for modern teenagers – an ape, or iGen. To it, it included people born between 1995 and 2012. Their distinctive feature is the reluctance to communicate in the real world, preferring social networks.

According to Piper Jaffray’s report, teens of 14-18 years choose Snapchat and Instagram. 80% of them enter Snapchat at least once a month, 79% – in Instagram. And last year Snachat bypassed Twitter on the daily audience. What does this mean? That you too need to look at them more closely. And today we will talk about Snapchat.

Why exactly Snapchat?

When it comes to the popularity of this messenger, of course, it is worth mentioning that most actively it is used by US residents. However, this does not mean that in Russia they do not know about it – it is enough to recall that almost all social networks, including VKontakte, have already added to their functionality the disappearing “Histories”. This idea was first implemented in Snapchat. In addition, users of this messenger can not worry at all about the quality of the images, as in Instagram – what’s the difference if the photo still disappears in the near future?

How to start advertising?

In the past, it was not an easy task – you had to contact one of the partners of the social network. But now Snapchat has its Ads Manager, and everything has become much easier. There even has its own tool for creating beautiful vertical videos.

For the beginning: what is it Snap Ads

These are advertising videos with a length of 3 to 10 seconds. They look like this:


Snapchat users can scroll this video up at any time – to view a longer video, read an article or install the application. Snap Ads are shown between the stories of friends and another content messenger. Advertisers are offered two advertising options: Snapchat Geofilters and Lenses. However, you can not create Geofilters in Ad Manager – they can be created only through the application. A lens can be created only with a partner ( Snapchat Partners ).

Overview of the advertising functionality


Having visited Snapchat Ads Manager, users will see the key sections of the advertising cabinet on the left of the screen:

  1. Toolbar ( Dashboard ). Advertisements are created here. Also here you can find various metrics in the form of a table.
  2. Library of the creative (19459024) Creative library). Here, Ads can be viewed and edited.
  3. Custom audiences ( Custom Audiences ). Here we work with the audience to which advertising will be targeted.
  4. Section of the help Help Center ). It contains all the necessary information on working with advertising in Snapchat.

How to create an ad

If you are already familiar with Facebook’s advertising office, then creating ads in Snapchat is not difficult for you – these two tools are very similar.

First, you need to get an advertising account. You can do it here (it’s free), and then you need to log in here. And then you need to act in the same way as in Facebook: create a campaign, an ad group, and then an ad.

If you start advertising in Snapchat for the first time, when you enter the advertising account you will see a pop-up window in which you will be offered to create an advertisement.

Then you will need to do the following:

1. Choose the campaign target


There are four goals in total:

  • Bring traffic to the site.
  • Increase the number of application installations.
  • Raise awareness.
  • Raise the number of video views.

Important: To perform the intended action, users of Snapchat will need to scroll (up) up while viewing the advertisement.

Then select the campaign start ttime. It can begin immediately and run for an indefinite period, and you can determine the start and end dates. You can also set the campaign status (active or paused). After you can choose the name for your campaign. To facilitate your search in the future, it is better not to be wiser. If you are dealing with multiple clients, you can add the client’s name to the campaign.

Clicking “Next”, you will proceed to create an ad group. Try to create ads in one sitting – Snapchat does not have auto-save, and the parameters you set can be reset.

2. Specify the budget, the audience, as well as the time for displaying the advertisement.

First, enter the name for the ad group. And then go to the next three sections – the audience, the budget and the time of the show.

The audience


There are five subsections in this section that allow you to determine who you want to contact:

  • Geography. Here you need to select the country to which you will target. In order to target the ad more accurately, you can select certain areas.
  • Demographic information. Here you specify the required age of users, gender, language, income, etc.
  • Audiences. You can even target ads based on user preferences, places they visited, their purchases, and much more.
  • Accommodation. Here you can choose where your ads will be displayed – only in “Stories” or, for example, in all sections of the messenger.
  • Devices. You can also target certain devices – depending on the operating system, type of connection or provider.

In spite of the fact that it is recommended for beginning advertisers to choose a country and this is limited, attempts to narrow the audience still better not to leave – to achieve a better result. But remember that Snapchat does not allow targeting ads for an audience of less than 1,000 people.

Budget and goals


In this section, you set the daily budget, purpose, and size of the bet. The minimum budget for the day should not be less than $ 100. If the amount you specify is smaller, then you simply can not click the “Next” button.

Delivery of your ads will be optimized for the purpose and the amount you specify. But the fee will be charged depending on the number of impressions of your ad.

For example, your goal is to install the application, and the stake size is $ 10. Snapchat will use your bid of $ 10 to compete with the bid of other advertisers at the auction. Then your ad will be shown to people whom Snapchat considers the most likely candidates to install your application bypassing advertisers who have indicated a lower bid.

However, you will not be charged $ 10 for each installation of the application. The fee is charged based on how many times your ad was shown.

The schedule


In this section, you can set the schedule for a particular ad group. Since you can run multiple ad groups within the same advertising campaign, the group schedule can be somewhat shorter than the campaign itself.

After setting up the audience, budget and schedule, click “Next” and proceed to create the announcement.

3. Choose the type and configure the creative

Now you are ready to create your first Snap Ad. First, you need to choose the type:


There are four types of ads in total:

  • Top Snap. This video is from 3 to 10 seconds long. In such ads, there is no scrolling CTA-button, and there is no call to view a longer video and an attached link.
  • Web viewing. These ads will drive traffic to the site (all traffic will be mobile). They urge users to carry out the action you have conceived (buy a product, read an article, etc.).
  • Installing the application. This type allows you to drive traffic to your app’s page in the App Store or Google Play.
  • The long video. This is a kind of trailer for your commercial (which can last up to 10 minutes).

Upload your content


There are several details that you should not forget when creating your ad:

  • The name of the brand. It will appear in the upper left corner of the advertisement (the maximum length of the name is 25 characters, including spaces).
  • Headline. Displays under the name of the brand (the length of the name is 34 characters together with spaces).
  • CTA -key button. You can select it from the list. The suggested options will depend on the type of ad that you selected.

“Media File” is a video that you will download for your advertisement. If it is already ready, then just click “download”. If not – then Snapchat has tools to help create it.


According to the data studies, “SELF-video” – the best option for a start. Perhaps, because they are similar to “History” from friends. Other recommendations for creating a video can be found in the Snapchat help center.

The last step in the creation of Snap Ad is the addition of the necessary content (link to the site, application or video).

4. Launch the campaign

Click “Start Campaign.” Ok, your first campaign in the service is running!

Do not forget about the monitoring

As in Facebook, Snapchat has an analyst. The dashboard displays the metrics of individual campaigns and ads in general. You can go to each campaign, ad, or ad group by clicking on its name, and then look at the metrics for a specific date range by updating the date selector.

Do not forget to do this as often as possible, and your advertising just will not go unnoticed.

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