On the Internet, you can find many articles on how to improve newsletters, creating adaptive versions of letters and working on the text. However, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of email marketing with less obvious methods – some of them will be discussed in our today’s material.

How video and hyphens increase CTR by 26%

Despite the fact that on the network you can often find statements that email users do not like to receive emails with multimedia elements, statistics say about the effectiveness of using video in mailings. In particular, the mere mention of the word “video” in the message subject allows:

  • to increase the open rate by 19%;
  • to increase the CTR by 65%;
  • reduce the number of replies by 26%.

Video can work well for certain types of mailings – for example, for orientation letters that are received by new users of the product (onboarding email). That’s why video is often used by even very large companies like Dropbox:


However, the video can be effective not only in fact-finding letters, for example, the startup Wistia conducted an experiment sending the next release of its mailing in two versions – with video and plain image. at level 38% and the letter with an illustration has achieved only 12% – the difference in 26% is enough appreciable.


Email-list services allow you to insert video right in the template editor. In this case, the video is not usually inserted into the message itself, instead, the image with the thumbnail of the Play button is placed in the text. By clicking on it, you go to the project site or YouTube, where you can already watch the video.


The fact that the video does not play in the letter itself can sometimes interfere with the solution of the task that faces the message, but if the video does not have to be long, then it can be replaced with a hypha This is a good way, because the GIF format is supported by many email clients:


If the marketer is faced with the task of directly demonstrating the product in different versions, you can insert a hypha.

According to research, more than half of email users believe they receive too many messages from companies, while most people today are able to maintain a concentration of attention only 8 seconds. In addition, the study of the behavior of recipients of mailings showed that people miss the introductory text, focusing on images:

" 65% of people better acquire information through visual sources.

This means that to attract attention audience is easier with the help of images and infographics – this conclusion is confirmed by the fact that infographics receive 3 times more More than just plain text many brands have already understood the power of infographics and are actively applying

The manufacturer of intelligent thermostats NEST in one of the letters shared his own statistics about the temperature in their homes most often exhibited users of the device company depending on the country:




Signature of letter and traffic increase

One of the main trends in email marketing of recent times is the use of personalization. Many companies actively use data about users to create letters that are more likely to be of interest to them. However, you can personalize the business itself – a good tool for this is the signature of the email.

People like to receive letters, not from a soulless brand, but from a living person – this is confirmed by experiments. For example, when HubSpot tested the mailing list, it created two versions of it: one letter was sent on behalf of the whole company, and the second was signed by the name of one of its marketers.


The CTR of the first version of the letter was 0.73%, and the second – 0.96%, followed by links to 292 people more.

To make the signature an even more effective tool for generating traffic, you can add directly to it the CTA, which is relevant to the message itself In the example below, an employee of the same company, HubSpot, in its signature offers readers to learn more about one of the upcoming events:


Creating a personalized signature even for automatically sent messages can be an effective way to increase traffic to the site and the number of subscribers in social networks – for this you need only create an unobtrusive call to action and insert in the signature clickable icons of the necessary accounts of the company.


In conclusion, we repeat our advice on how to make an email newsletter better:

  • Video and hyphae increase CTR – figures indicate that video in email can be used quite effectively (like gifs).
  • People love infographics – according to research, Internet users often skip text, focusing on pictures, so infographic can be a good way to attract their attention.
  • A competent email signature helps to increase traffic – this email meant can be used not only to add a list of humanity, but also to post important links and even announcements.

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