Let’s start with the fact that not everyone has huge customer bases accumulated over the centuries (exaggerated), in which every client is just waiting for a letter with an offer to buy a product or service. Let’s face it – most companies start their work with cold calls or letters.

Although, of course, recently there have been many disapproving reviews on this score. For example: “This is spam! You can not do it this way! It is necessary to collect contacts manually “… etc., etc. But if you do not go beyond the limits of what is allowed, then with cold contacts you can quickly and, most importantly, effectively expand your target audience.


Where to start emailing?

You already have a unique offer that you want to surprise your potential customers. But you ask yourself a logical question: where are we going to find them? You are moving in the right direction, but do not rush. About everything in order.

In order to build a business strategy correctly, and in this case to write a useful letter that does not fall into the basket, it is important to understand the details.

Analysis of the target audience (CA)

First you need to determine which people are your buyers and why.

Let’s say you offer professional cleaning equipment. Most likely your company will be interested in companies specializing in cleaning, or medical centers, where it is necessary to constantly maintain sterile purity. But the climbers, after reading the newsletter about cleaning technology, will find it unhelpful and most likely send your commercial offer to spam.

Proceeding from this in many large reputable firms to study the target audience are treated carefully. Sometimes creatively. For example, in one of the companies that sells dietary products for women, in the hall instead of pictures hang photos of potential customers with a detailed description of their portrait:

“Maria, a housewife. He likes to cook tasty, but high-calorie food for his family. On Wednesdays he goes shopping in the store, and on Friday visits the beauty salon, as he follows his appearance and wants to look admirable. “

What is this all about?

Once you determine the circle of potential buyers, the search for contacts will be much easier.

Identification of customer needs

Do you remember the tale of a magic wand that fulfills all desires, or a golden fish? Good! Because this is exactly what every second customer expects. People are sure that with the help of this or that product / service they will solve their problems. And this confidence can not be taken away from them. After all, if their expectations are not justified, customers are disappointed.


Let’s return to our professional cleaning equipment. What is bothering the buyer? Are there any certificates for the equipment, who is the manufacturer (an authoritative company with a world-wide name or an artisanal workshop), whether it is a fake, what guarantees and service life.

Thinking like a buyer, you can prepare your sales proposal so that the customer does not decline.

Preparing the contact database – the collector of email addresses

There are three options for replenishing the database with new contacts. Which one do you like best?

  • collection of contacts manually
  • collect emails using a special program to search for email addresses
  • buy already ready base

The last way, to the word and without offense, is the most unreliable. Because you do not know how the selection process was conducted, whether the analysis of Central Asia was taken into account. And you will understand this only when 1000 climbers complain about your letter.

Collection of contacts manually, albeit the most painfully long, but the fruits give weighty. After having reconsidered a huge amount of resources, you certainly will find those people to whom your product is not only useful, but also necessary, like air.

Choosing from two evils, it is better to stop on the third – the best option – to use the program to collect email ePochta Extractor. It is very well established in the network and has already received many positive reviews.

Using Extractor, you can get a quality target database for mailings in a few clicks .

Creating an email address

After defining the audience and creating an address database, you need to consider how your email will look.


  1. The letter must include questions. In this way, you create a dialog effect.
  2. Having an easy entry. For example, let’s come to you get out for free, and you’ll see how our equipment works. A proposal that can not be rejected will definitely make even the coldest email hot.
  3. Company figures, awards – increase the degree of interest.
  4. The structure of the business plan – drawing a clear structure to the client, and how he will benefit from it, you are guaranteed to receive a response to your mailing.
  5. Drawings in the subject – if necessary tables, graphics, images of goods … everything that will help to tell more about the product or service. But remember, the main thing is not to overdo it.

By following these simple tips, you will not only expand the base of your contacts, insulate it, but also get good results in the form of sales, and hence profits. Successes!


How to turn a Cold Newsletter into a Conversation?
Article Name
How to turn a Cold Newsletter into a Conversation?
Let's start with the fact that not everyone has huge customer bases accumulated over the centuries (exaggerated), in which every client is just waiting for a letter with an offer to buy a product or service. Let's face it - most companies start their work with cold calls or letters.

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