Facebook started testing for users who visited a particular store offline. The innovation will allow advertisers to increase the effectiveness of campaigns in the preschool period and the upcoming festive season.

Retargeting ads can be displayed on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network:


Representatives of the service have so far refrained from official comments. However, the “offline-to-online” retargeting option appeared in Custom Audiencies.

So, the retailer can create a custom audience of people who visited the store during the last month. Next, you can create a list even more specifically, using filters for example “parents with children of early school age” and offer a special discount to the selected user category.

Recall that last year on Facebook, tracking of conversions via offline channels became available. And in the middle of this year, Facebook introduced a new solution, Offline Conversion for Lead Ads, with which you can connect CRM and other systems to Ads Manager to import data for offline conversions received from ads for collecting leads.


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