Facebook introduced four new promotional tools for internationally operating customers.

Dynamic language setting

Now advertisers can create a campaign with different language versions of one ad. The language will be selected automatically, depending on the user selected in the profile.

Enhanced audience look-alike

Previously, companies had to repeat the process of setting look-alike audiences for each country. Now advertisers have the opportunity to create a look-alike audience for several countries or regions.

Targeting multiple cities

Facebook has learned to automatically target a campaign to populated areas that meet the condition given by the advertiser.

Search for an international audience

Using the Cross-Border Insights Finder, Facebook will compile a list of countries where brands that are similar to the advertiser for the industry and goals achieve success. This will take into account such indicators as the likelihood of conversion of users, the cost of advertising and the competitiveness of the advertising market. Customers will be able to choose for comparison up to 11 countries.

Want to learn more about targeting on Facebook? To you here.


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