As soon as the attendance of the site begins to grow, the question of monetizing the resource arises before the webmaster. We’ll look at what ways of earning on the sites are available and we will dwell in more detail on how to earn in ad networks.

Methods of site monetization


Consider the profitable ways of earning on the site:

● Direct sale of advertising

Plus, there are no commissions to intermediaries, however, direct sales of advertising use popular sites or blogs.

● Selling links

The more authoritative the site, the higher the index of TCI and the number of indexed pages, the higher the potential revenue from the site. By placing such advertising on the site through exchanges of links and articles, one should be left goad, to avoid the filters of search engines, which will lead to a lowering position of the site.

● Contextual advertising

For a long time, he was in the lead in the column “income” from webmasters.

The most popular networks of contextual advertising:

RSA (Yandex advertising network) – differs by a rigid moderation. Attendance of the site: from 500 people per day for a month. The cost per click varies from 0.3 to 2500 rubles.

Google AdSense – does not impose requirements on attendance, but the quality of the site and the topics matter. The price of a click is from $ 0.01 to several tens of dollars.

 Contextual advertising is increasingly giving way to a new direction:

● CPA – networks

CPA is a pay-per-action advertisement. To earn in CPA-networks it is important to have thematic traffic on the site and the ability to competently monetize it.

How to do it?

  • Correctly choose an affiliate program;
  • Choose an offer under the traffic;
  • Create a special lending on the site that will be converted.

If at least one of these items suffers, then the earnings scheme will be ineffective.

● Advertising networks

Teaser (ad) – a popular format of display advertising in RuNet and a way to monetize the traffic of a non-profit site. On it and dwell in more detail.

The advertisement consists of a picture and text. Each click on the ad brings revenue to the site owner.

Teaser ads compete with contextual advertising. In some themes, the use of teasers gives a much greater return than the Yandex Advertising Network.

Users are more likely to click on teaser ads because they look like regular news announcements. Earn in the advertising networks can entertaining Internet resources, sites with video content, news portals and information resources, sites of health and beauty topics, as well as sites with mobile entertainment content. Experienced webmasters earn this way at least 6,000 rubles a day.

Consider how to monetize site traffic, for example, the network with feedback from webmasters who already work with the network. – an advertising network with favorable conditions and high-quality traffic. In the system, you can both advertise products and monetize your own site with pay-per-click (CPC). Current resources are predominantly with the female audience, on the topic of beauty and health.

traffic The system does not allow low-grade sites, now webmasters are recruited only in private. The team of the service itself offers cooperation to the sites in which it is interested. The webmaster can also send to the site support for consideration. When the sites meet the requirements, the webmaster will be offered cooperation.

Linked to me the head of the advertising network and offered to resume the cooperation, which ended in an unsuccessful way several years ago, first tested the blocks and resources, and then, when they were convinced of the profitability, they rolled onto the flagship websites and did not regret it at all.

The second way to get into Licks is a recommendation from those who have been working with the network for a long time.

The acquaintance highly recommended. He said that the income will be at least 2 times higher: many sites, traffic is.

In the near future, open registration is not planned to prevent the inflow of sites with poor-quality traffic. Careful selection of sites provides clean white traffic and tangible revenue benefits.


The important thing is to configure and design an ad unit that will be posted on the site. The main thing is that it is natively integrated into the interface, but it attracts attention and motivates the visitor to click on the ad.

There were questions with setting up the design for hundreds of sites.From 3 blocks for the main template of the site, at least in the mobile version, three blocks. facilitated and accelerated the process.

Native advertising blocks Oblivok support the SSL protocol, easily configured and installed on the site.

I started working at the end of the last year (2016), and some interface chips were unavailable, but even then it was possible to understand everything without much difficulty. The buttons are intuitive and allow you to customize everything that your heart desires. Now the functional of templates of color schemes of registration is added, which simplifies the work several times.


Earnings of the webmaster consist of several factors:

  • The quality and subject of the site;
  • Attendance;
  • The number of ad impressions;
  • The cost of the click;
  • The design of the blocks and their placement;
  • The share of the mobile and desktop traffic.

 Regarding the design, the location of the block under the text of the article, as well as in the lateral space in the first screen, is considered advantageous. However, each site is individual, therefore, it is only possible to determine the best position for placing an ad unit by an experienced webmaster.

Based on the results of experiments on our sites, I can state that there is a difference, and in some cases, a significant one, which is why our flagships do not you will see some other blocks, because it is simply not profitable. (Vladimir, Web-Portfolio)

Advantages of the network

In addition to the profitability and reliability of the network, it is also worth noting that the children have a large base of trusted advertisers for any countries and detailed analytics of traffic and profits.

Stable weekly payments, without delays and force majeure. User-friendly interface and alerts for important events, a variety of settings for optimizing the blocks and much more. I remember how they even compensated for stopping the block display for a short period this winter. Then, for technical reasons, the platform was cut down for less than an hour. It would seem a trifle, but nice.

The main criterion is profitability. Quick moderation of sites, issues are resolved quickly.

Lastly advice to webmasters:

  • Do not rush to monetize young sites. Follow the instructions of the search engines and “make sites for people.” Raise the attendance of the site with interesting content, otherwise, it makes no sense to try to monetize it.
  • Use this kind of monetization that fits seamlessly into your site and does not expose it to the threats of search engine sanctions.

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