Remember the early 2000’s, when there was a real boom in business cards? Large brands obligatory ordered thousands of cards for employees, beginning businessmen together with creative agencies created masterpieces on a scrap of paper, and every self-respecting caretaker always had at least 10 business cards. Now it is nothing more than waste paper, and the task of impressing customers and investors has passed into other hands. Their name is a snippet.

We all know about the universal requirements of search engines for snippets – the length of Title and Description, the occurrence of key words, the absence of duplicates and so on. But if we talk about a snippet as a business card of your business or project – this approach may not always be of interest to a potential client.

How to create a snippet that corresponds to the business?

For the online store

  • Specify in the snippet the details about the product: price, availability, contacts.
  • Output “bread crumbs”, rating and reviews.
  • Create a channel on YouTube to get a video snippet.
  • Customize the search from the snippet.

For B2B

  • Include in the snippet information about their advantages and CTA.
  • Use quick links.
  • Display information about the company: the number of employees, offices, basic services.
  • Use the opportunity to get additional snippets in TOP – for example, a page on Wikipedia.

For a blog and content project

  • Pay attention to each word in the Title and Description tags.
  • Add publication dates.
  • Add your photo.

Now we propose to go through all the recommendations in more detail and consider the various snippets in action.

Online shops

Snippets in ecommerce – this is like a showcase, which gives an idea of ​​the assortment and “beckons” the visitors inside. Therefore, it is important to always display the maximum number of parts that are important for a potential buyer, and also indicate your advantages (free shipping, warranty, etc.) and contacts (phone, address).

Price, availability, contacts

What is the customer looking for first and foremost when looking for and choosing a product? That’s right – for price and availability. Give it this information faster than competitors – directly in the issue. In most cases, especially if the product is not very expensive, it will not look any further. To expedite the transaction (especially if the customer is looking from the phone) – add a phone to the snippet for the order. To do this, use the semantic markup

Image result for price rich snippet

Current offers

Snippet is your poster, so use it for your intended use. To display links to current offers (events, promotions, discounts, etc.), you can mark the data about them by the Marker: name, place, date. After the search engine scans the site, this information will be displayed in the snippet.

Search in the snippet

In fact, this is a search in the search, which saves you a lot of time and allocates you for extradition.

There is no one-hundred-percent way to get this feature, but Google recommends the following:

1) Make sure that you have a search for the site.

2) Let Google know about this by marking the home page as a object using the potentialAction property of the markup.

3) The user will now see the search string for your site in the snippet immediately.

Image result for searchbox rich snippet

“Bread crumbs”, rating and reviews

“Breadcrumbs” in the snippet show the user the potential of your store and expand the possibilities of cross-selling. Suppose a buyer chooses between Huawei P9 and other phones in this price category. From the snippet, he can immediately know that you have a choice of other smartphones and not even smartphones at all.

The rating and reviews work on the attractiveness of the offer. To create such a snippet, you need to have a voting module on your site (for example, a product evaluation in asterisks), customized bread crumbs and reviews.

Image result for rating and review rich snippet


This is a YouTube video snippet. It would seem, what is the benefit of your site? But it is. Create your channel on YouTube and post video reviews with a link to the product on the site. So you can get an attractive snippet, which, although it does not lead to your site, but indirectly affects traffic growth. This method is also suitable when “TOP is busy” – YouTube, as the second most visited site in the world, provides an excellent workaround to the top of almost any issue.

Image result for video rich snippet


The main task of snippets in B2B is to sell and maintain a reputation. Business people are pretty busy, so a short snippet should give a clear understanding of why it’s worth spending time on you.

Quick links

Quick links facilitate navigation to the user, allowing you to immediately go to the desired service or category. To get a snippet with quick links – build a transparent site structure and place the correct accents with the main menu and internal linking. It is extremely important that link anchors, page headings and their content are relevant to each other.Image result for quick links rich snippet

Additional Trust

In B2B reputation makes everything – it affects the choice of the client, the budget that he is willing to spend on the goods or services of the contractor, and the future of the business.

Therefore, in the snippet, it is important to indicate what is important to the client. In the example of the EY snippet, the company’s website includes quick links to sections on corporate responsibility and career – both usually contain data on the scale of the company’s activities and its concern for the company.

But more interesting here is the snippet page about the company on Wikipedia. Here in the snippet is displayed very important information for decision makers who, for example, compare the company to other competitors – the number of employees (the company is large, rich), offices (the company is international), basic services and scope of activities. Such a snippet can get not only Wikipedia, but also an ordinary page about the company, on which information is structured competently.

And one more important thing – create a Wikipedia page describing your company and your services to get another snippet in the TOP and an additional trust.

The Call to Action

Include a call to action in your snippet, so you increase the likelihood of a click on your page. Register now … Try it for free … Similar CTAs placed in the Description tag, as well as indicating your benefits, will surely attract potential customers.

Image result for the call to action rich snippet

Blogs and content projects

Snippets for blogs should be as attractive as possible and at first glance “invite” users to look at your page. Here is the place to show creativity and thus stand out from the mass of other resources. How? Output to the snippet a “tasty” description of an article that will interest the audience in its reading.

Dates of publications

The publication date is of no small importance, especially in news projects, so we recommend that you bring it to the snippet. If it’s about blogs, the date also does not hurt – it will show that the information in the post is not obsolete. To obtain such a snippet, use micro-markup and enter a date for each publication.


Using micro-markup, you can embed a photo into a snippet. This will allocate you for extradition.

Of course, the correct micro-markup does not guarantee you exactly the snippet you want. Actually, this statement applies almost entirely to SEO. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly monitor and correct snippets depending on the needs that arise, or better after each update of the search engine.


How to create Snippets that match Business Objectives
Article Name
How to create Snippets that match Business Objectives
Of course, the correct micro-markup does not guarantee you exactly the snippet you want. Actually, this statement applies almost entirely to SEO. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly monitor and correct snippets depending on the needs that arise, or better after each update of the search engine.

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