The result of all marketing activities boils down to a simple fact – or you get sales, or not. traffic, leads, brand awareness, but does it make sense without getting a specific profit?

An indisputable fact, content is the king of 2018, and with proper application can significantly increase your income. But have you ever thought about how to use it correctly in social networks?

In the article, we will tell you how to increase sales in social media with the help of content, what material is popular with the audience and how to use it correctly.

Why did social networks become the top channel for sales?

I agree, a strange question, but for those who still doubt it is worth knowing.

Research Feedback Systems (since 1998 the company conducts regular studies on all aspects of the functioning of e-commerce) showed that 63.4% of the total number of enterprises that use social networks as a sales channel, the annual income has grown significantly. For comparison, 41.2% of enterprises that do not offer their services in social networks are provided with revenue.

The purpose of activity in social networks is to attract new subscribers that can become your customers in the future, establish fast mutual communication with the audience, increase brand recognition, and build the reputation.

The last figures for statistics on promotion in social networks read in the article: 60 facts of Internet marketing statistics that you must.

For this purpose you publish useful material, answer questions, get useful acquaintances.

But in general, it all boils down to the fact that you are trying to sell a product/service through social networks.

Let’s see how professionals do it.

Marketing in social networks from River Pools & Spas

Take, for example, the marketing blog of River Pools & Spas, authored by Marcus Sheridan.

The whole beauty of the idea of Marcus is that in his blog he simply answers any questions from clients about the pools. There he describes the prices, compares construction materials and even the type of water.

This information is shared in the networks:



Marcus also posts working moments, team photos, etc., thereby making the brand more familiar to the audience:


He emphasizes the fact that his company employs ordinary people:


The author of the blog believes that content is the best tool for sales. His experience speaks of the following:

  • By creating an article base based on frequently asked questions from customers, in addition to network success, you can greatly help the customer service department of your company.
  • Do not blindly post them in networks, focus on the value and practicality of information, offering it for familiarization in specific problem situations. You can tell a hundred times or something to show that a person can figure out the question himself.
  • The material of the blog can also be used as answers to subscriber questions in networks, thus improving communication and increasing loyalty to the company.

However, this is by no means the only way to combine content with social networks.

Preparing the content plan: where to start?

It is logical that before taking concrete actions to promote the product/service in networks, it is necessary to determine the overall plan of action.
Representatives of 2 departments – marketers and specialists of the sales department – must be present in compiling the content of the plan of a specific company for social networks. Why?

The English site (provides a universal platform for working with potential clients) conducted a survey of 300 b2b marketers who were asked about what would they wanted from their colleagues in the sales department. 70% responded that they would like to establish closer communication between the calving areas, for the prompt resolution of current issues. They believe that such meetings will help improve the performance of both departments and the company in general.

Content should be the seller’s secret weapon, its timely and effective use is the key to winning in social networks. But before putting it into practice, in every company, all actions must be coordinated between sellers and marketers. The easiest way is to hold regular meetings of representatives of both departments. The main topic of the meeting should be issues related to promotion in social networks, namely how to use the content at individual stages of sales. This means that the overall marketing strategy should be intertwined with the plan for placing content in social networks and easily adapt to changes.

“On the Hook” or content that “catches”

So what kind of content will increase sales in networks?

After years of practicing the Internet marketing of our company, I can say that the content will sell only if it meets the needs/interests of the readers, as practical as possible and written in plain language.

To understand the interests of subscribers in the network, the English IT company Soampli (the service guys help others create selling texts and generate top sales) analyzed their posts in Facebook and LinkedIn over the past year.

  1. Brand advertising campaigns- 49%
  2. Views of experts – 34%
  3. Life of the company – 17%

The first category includes:

  • Content related to marketing campaigns/projects – 24%
  • Any informative and useful articles from the company’s blog (not tied to a particular campaign) – 12%
  • Information on events, conferences organized or visited by the company – 7%
  • Publication of the latest news on the life of the company, the industry to which the company belongs – 6%

The second category of posts includes:

  • Downloadable documents – reports, webinars – 14%
  • Hot material about the trends of the year (TOP theme 2016 – Pokemon Go!) – 6%
  • Articles of the top managers of the company in which they share best practices – 3%
  • Content from authoritative sources of the industry in which the company operates – 11%

The third category is less voluminous:

  • Photos and articles covering the corporate life of the office – 10%
  • Company’s vacancies – 7%

Ranking of content on Facebook

An important point in which sequence your subscribers will be shown your posts – will they be at the beginning or end of their news feed?

Take into account the fact that Facebook, for example, plans to update the algorithm for the formation of the news feed on mobile devices. The speed of loading pages on published links will be taken into account. So make sure that the pages you refer to are loaded no more than 3 seconds (according to Facebook, this is the optimal time that the average user agrees to spend on waiting for the page to load).

We believe in your conscientiousness, but since February of this year, Facebook ranked the relevance and authenticity of information in the ranking of posts (another step in the fight against disinformation in networks). Therefore, remember these moments in creating your publications on this resource.

Typical errors of an amateur: as correctly publish the content

Let’s imagine the worst advertising post in the same Facebook. This is a huge one, loudly glorifying a certain product/company, where necessarily there is a worn-out stock image and a lot of incomprehensible words. This publication does not show the value of the product, there is absolutely no call to action, it is not interesting and causes only irritation.

Of course, I exaggerate, but listed errors are more than common.

I propose to consider them separately.

1. “Small posts for weaklings, and I’m a tough SMM-box”

It is not news that many people like to publish the canvases of the text. But the realities are such that the people are lazy to read, even in such a favorite social network. Therefore, no matter how interesting your text is, it is likely to be ignored.

The optimal size of the post for social networks

The optimal text size is 300 characters. Larger posts are only relevant if you are a true pro, and write so that readers collect your posts, equating them to the works of art, but even here one must feel the measure.

2. “I came to Facebook to advertise”

Many people make the mistake of assuming that the content of their pages on the network should be as much advertising as possible. It’s boring and even annoying. Thus, you will not only lose the attention of subscribers but also the subscribers themselves.

How to do it right?

Rule of Paretto: 80% – useful information, and only 20% – advertising.

You need to be as useful or entertaining as possible, if your information does not fit these criteria, it’s better not to publish it at all.

3. “Fasting does not happen much”

Most likely, you’ve heard about the classic advice on this topic – “the optimal frequency of posting posts 1-3 times a day.” From this follows the question, but can you create enough quality content? It is unlikely.

How often is it necessary to publish posts in social networks?

The audience should be taken not by quantity, but by quality. Professional CMM specialists say that the best option is 5 posts per week, one per day.

At the same time, we take into account behavioral factors: after a working week, people get tired and leave social networks offline, so it’s better to leave Saturday. But on Sunday, the people are slowly returning to the network, and it’s time to please them with something useful/interesting.

But even here it is necessary to navigate in time of publication:

4. “There is no time, it will do the same”

Naked “posts on the knee” without pictures or accompanied by worn stock illustrations – this is something that in no case should be in your marketing!

How to do it right?

Remember that a weighty percentage of attention in the process of perception of information belongs precisely to the picture. This is what first catches your eye and attracts attention. That’s why you need to pay special attention to the images that you use. And in any case, do not use the pictures that have bothered everyone, which already flashed in thousands of similar posts on the network.


  • create independently;
  • to use paid hosting;
  • to attract a professional designer.

5. “Why waste time if you can just make a repost?”

Imagine that you just created a group and you need to fill it with some content. Of course, it’s easier to just make a repost, why suffer.

What does this say?

This means that you are not able to do something on your own. Do not you have your own opinion?

Sharing news with steep news is not a crime, but let’s do it right.

How right?

If you make a report of someone’s record on the networks, try always to write your own comment to it. Agree or object to what you refer to, or at least indicate why you decided to share the record. First of all, in this way, you will show your competence in the field.

And, of course, remember that by making reposts from other pages, you open your audience the way to other resources that can interest them much more than your page.

The result

Internet marketing is a force, and social networks today is one of the most popular channels for promoting the company’s products/services. And if someone thinks otherwise, then most likely he just does not know how to do it correctly. I hope that you will find our advice useful, and soon your subscribers will join the ranks of regular customers of your company.


Our recommendations are quite universal but always remember your target audience. In the process of preparing the next content-plan, consider its psychology and the specifics of the behavior on the network.

If this is not enough for you, then read about the secrets of product promotion with the help of content in email marketing.

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