Not everyone can boast of having grown from an ordinary employee to a vice president of a multibillion-dollar company in four years. McLean Donnelly can.

How did he do it?

Since he worked as a designer, one can assume that the secret of his success lies in amazing projects. But this is only part of his strategy.

Quality design paired with stunning business cases – that’s what helped Donnelly climb to the top of the career ladder. Not the least role was played by his ability to grow talents, improve his product and constantly improve performance.

As part of the presentation at the Digital Marketing Summit, Macklin Donnelly shared his knowledge gained after graduating from the MBA. He identified three areas in which each marketer should grow to confidently move to the top of a career. At the same time to have a business education is not necessary.

1. Learn math


Even if the last time you studied math in school, you will still be able to quickly master “business mathematics”. Ask the accountant to advise you or take special courses. Here’s what to pay special attention to:

  • Income statement . If you understand the income statement, you will begin to understand the business model better. Focus not only on sources of income. By reducing costs, you can also effectively increase profits. For example, in Expedia Donnelly found out that if a client spends more than X seconds on a call to the support service, the company begins to lose money. Opportunity? Perhaps.
  • Statistics . Learn the basics of statistics, it’s not as difficult as it seems. For example, in Google Analytics, you can find the conversion rate = number of visitors / number of conversions. Study the data, ask questions. After you have mastered these two directions, proceed to the next step:
  • Models . Formulate a business case before starting work. Then build a model and test the result of your work on the ROI indicator.

2. Rely on the strategy


Having a strong business case behind you, you can strategically approach the choice of tactics. As Michael Porter said:

“The essence of the strategy is to choose what should not be done.”

Too often, marketers concentrate on what they need to implement. However, sometimes you should take a step back and determine what to do is not worth it. This approach brings results much faster.

Donnelly suggests following his creative approach of Human Centered Desig. This is a strategy of design and management, which involves the development of solutions to problems from a human point of view. It is based on four elements:

  1. Identify the emotional connection . Any brand experience offers opportunities for establishing emotional ties. Find your own by creating a customer travel map. In Shutterstock, Donnelly’s team asked customers to tell us about the emotions they want to experience at every stage of the journey. For example, when placing an order, users want to trust the site, be confident in it and expect quick delivery.
  2. Solve user problems . Establish an honest and constructive dialogue with your customers about your company and product. For this, social networks are perfect. Do not be afraid of negative feedback, they need to learn.
  3. Speak with customers . Really say. If you do not talk to clients in person, then you can not count on success. Pay attention to how their facial expressions change when they talk about different interactions with your brand. Customers can not remain just sources of data.
  4. Offer a unique experience . How is your brand different from everyone else? To understand this, Donnelly recommends using the strategy of Northstar Workshop. Collect all the team members in one room and organize a free discussion. Such meetings can be held regularly.

3. Encourage the team


It was from this that Donnelly’s path to the goal began. He decided to get an MBA to develop talent and manage the organization more efficiently. However, he always focused on the “commandments of the manager” Dr. Edward Deming (Dr. Edward Deming):

  • Destroy the barriers between the divisions . Researchers, designers, sales professionals and developers should work as a team to anticipate possible problems and effectively improve products and services.
  • Reduce the need for inspections putting the product quality first. Inspections are ineffective, for the final product the employees themselves must answer.
  • All team members must accept the changes and incorporate them into their work.

Use the strategy in your work

You noticed that your job is to implement tactics, one by one. Take a step back, consult the team and start asking questions. Use business skills to choose what you should not do, and not vice versa.

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