What is the direction of content marketing? What trends are leading today? Which brands show the best examples of successful content marketing?

These questions worry all modern marketers.

The best way to answer them is to demonstrate examples from the practice of the best brands. This will help to build confidence in oneself and inspire new ideas.

So, below you will find the best content from brands for February 2017, enjoy!

1. MailChimp: Did You Mean?

Usually email-providers do not impress the imagination with creative ideas. But MailChimp managed to break all the templates.

The brand initially stood out from the competition due to its unusual name, logo and design. And their latest marketing masterpiece “Did You Mean?” Makes MailChimp even more unlike everyone else.

Company representatives noticed that people often incorrectly called their brand, and decided to turn reservations into a joke. MailChimp created ads and sites for 9 fake brands (JailBlimp – jail-dirigible, FailChips – fallen chips, SnailPrimp – snoop snail).

Now, if you search for the brand online, Google will ask if you mean MailChimp – a very clever SEO move.

2. Domino’s: Wedding Registry

The concept of wedding gifts from Domino’s may seem strange. But many couples like pizza, why not?

From pizza you can make a creative gift or feed guests who are ready to eat all evening without stopping. Instead of spending money on expensive interior items or unnecessary household appliances, please rejuvenate the newlyweds with gentle melted cheese and crispy crust. Mmmm …


3. Goat, Wolf, & Cabbage: Secret Hitler

The Cards Game Against Humanity made a furore, but people began to lose interest in it because of the lack of a specific goal. What would the game become, have it a clearer structure? The answer is Secret Hitler.

Having completed the campaign at Kickstarter, which collected 1.4 million dollars, one of the creators of Cards Against Humanity in collaboration with the author and creator of video games developed a social card game in which players are divided into secret teams of liberals and fascists. The liberals must stop the fascists before their leader is elected. This is one of the most realistic board games of our time.

After the release of Secret Hitler in February, the creators sent the game to all 100 US senators, which caused real hype in the media. A thoughtful move!


4. MEL Magazine: Till ICE Do Us Part

The term “branded journalism” for a long time was irrelevant, until recently. The story from the magazine Dollar Shave Club MEL Magazine forced everyone to take a fresh look at this format of content marketing.

The reporter and creator of the documentary Leighton Woodhouse decided to tell how it is when an illegal migrant is both a criminal and a family man.

With his eyes, we see how one Mexican family disintegrates after receiving a fine for a broken headlight in the name of a former criminal. With this story MEL once again confirms the status of the best branded edition.


5. Walmart: The Receipt

For many years, Hollywood directors have tried their hand at advertising. The best example, perhaps, is a series of short films from BMW with Clive Owen from such directors as Guy Ritchie and Tony Scott. Even Steven Spielberg and Wes Anderson somehow cooperated with brands. These relationships work, because brands win at the expense of the authority of directors, and directors receive high fees.

Last month, Walmart decided to add an aura of love to their marketing by inviting to create a series of unique short films by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Super Pertsy), Mark Forster (Quantum of Solace) and Antoine Fukua (Training Day). As a result, there were three clips that tell each story that you do not see in ordinary advertising.

6. Think With Google: The Case for Diversity in Advertising (19459007)

In its latest study, Google and market research firm Ipsos found that two-thirds of black millenials from the United States consider YouTube a place where blacks have a voice. Similar studies present Google in a good light and are a good example of the impact of original surveys on the audience.


7. Van Winkle’s: What Happens to Our Sleep in Various Stages of Love?

Some brands have come to a standstill, highlighting niche themes: this can happen even with the geniuses of the creative. But the team of editors of Van Winkle publisher for the Casper mattress brand always finds interesting topics related to sleep. They create fascinating stories about scientific discoveries, culture and health.

A few weeks ago, Van Winkle’s scientific editor, Theresa Fisher, wrote a detailed article on how love affects sleep. Of course, this content is difficult to be called the best example of journalism, but it is educational and entertaining, which readers like so much.


So ended the creative winter for brands. What will the content creators please us this spring? We will wait for new ideas and discoveries!


Best Creativity from Brands
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Best Creativity from Brands
What is the direction of content marketing? What trends are leading today? Which brands show the best examples of successful content marketing?

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