For companies with a limited budget, work on organic coverage is becoming more complex. Recommendations for increasing views are constantly changing: it can be the placement of photos in each post, the publication of clickable bait headers or something else. The problem is not that the content is bad but in the ever-changing Facebook algorithm.

Most likely, Facebook will continue to give preference to showing the publications of friends before the posts of the pages. But despite this, the above nine tips will help to increase the organic coverage.

Brief information about Facebook-algorithm

In the early years, EdgeRank was an internal ranking system that was used to prioritize posts in the user’s news feed. He personalized the tape, based on interaction with other users and posts, and on the relevance of publications.

Today there are thousands of factors for ranking, and they all have different priorities. The display algorithm is unique for each user and develops continuously.

1. Include video in your strategy

Quitely’s research of 2016 conducted a comparison of user engagement for the internal Facebook video and a video published on YouTube with a link to Facebook. Facebook-video has a level of interaction of 109.67% higher, this video is shared by 477.76% more often.

As you can conclude from this data, if you have the original video, it’s better to download it to the platform page, rather than publish the videos from YouTube.

Creating a video marketing strategy goes beyond downloading a video once a month. You can create a description of the video, organize playlists and even use the videos as the cover of the page, as it is done at Food52.


After publishing a few videos, check their effectiveness with analytics tools.

2. Live video on Facebook

Unlike video clips, Live Video is still a little-used tool for page promotion. According to Facebook, users spend three times more time watching streams than on video. They are considered a special kind of content and, most likely, have a priority in the new line.

One way to create live broadcasts – broadcasts from events or conferences. If someone asks a question, you can voice it on behalf of the audience to promote involvement.

Streams also work well when you want to create an informal and more personal image.

3. Share other pages and mark them in posts

Take the time to mark other pages in your posts if necessary. For example, if your restaurant uses eggs from a nearby farm, be sure to mark them. This will not only notify them of the post but will also create an opportunity for the exchange of content. Such a partnership will be useful to everyone.

The example below shows the post of Industra Coffee, in which the magazine Standart is marked. This increased the organic coverage of the recording.


4. Create an affiliate program

Creating an affiliate program or an influence marketing campaign means that you will have user-generated content that you can publish on the page. Structure the program so that you always know what content is received and what your partners will post.

If you are hesitant to create a whole program, start small by sending a free product for review. Share this post on Facebook and include it in the advertising campaign.

5. Recycle and use old posts

Take the time to promote your posts from the blog. Use quotes from articles, photos to posts, create graphics for reposting old messages.

Tales of the Cocktail apply this strategy using quotes for two posts with a difference in a month. Both publications have high relevance for their audience.


Sharing articles has a double effect – it establishes links with the audience and informs subscribers about the existence of the blog. If the content is of high quality, it will be useful for the followers and other pages in your niche.

6. The goal is quality, not quantity

“The dog and the cheetah met … You will not believe what happened next!”

How many articles with similar headlines are simply scrolled in the news line … Recently, Facebook has focused on reducing the number of headlines-click bates in posts.

Qualitative and informative headlines lead in the tape. This trend is true for other types of content. A beautiful photo will attract more attention than a shot in poor lighting. Three posts a week with low-quality content will never get high involvement.

In addition to the engagement rate, control how people react to your publications. Perhaps some particular type of content makes people hide posts or unsubscribe from the page. Sometimes users leave because the topic is not relevant to them anymore. But also this can be due to the discrepancy between the posts their expectations of the brand.

7. Narrow your audience

If you have a broad audience, try narrowing it down by interests or geolocation. Facebook gives the opportunity to do this for each post. This can reduce the coverage of publications, but will increase the involvement. Think about this option of fine-tuning the relevance for potential customers.


A suitable occasion for the use of such a function can be the advertisement of a national company conducting events in different cities. Limit the audience to the inhabitants of a specific area – and your post will be seen by those who may be interested in the upcoming event. This will increase the likelihood of high interaction for messages.

8. Create a group for the Facebook page

For Facebook pages, the ability to create groups is now available. This is a great way for subscribers to communicate with each other, as well as the opportunity to advise them conveniently and promptly.


To see how this works, check out the HBO “Big Little Lies Official Group”. It is directly linked to the page in the Groups tab, and HBO is listed as an administrator.


Find time for publications and responses to comments in the group. Perhaps in itself this will not increase the involvement for your page, but subscribers will appreciate the attention they show.

9. Remember the possibilities of Facebook Ads

Sometimes paid promotion is all you need to increase the coverage of posts. Your advertising strategy can go hand in hand with the strategy of increasing organic coverage. If some posts are very popular with a certain audience, spend a little money on advertising promotion. This can lead to the effect of viral involvement.

Experiment and analysis

Do not be afraid to experiment with new promotion strategies for Facebook. If the live broadcast failed the first time, invite subscribers to leave feedback on how to improve the broadcast in the future. If you notice that the optimal length of videos for your audience is 30 seconds – adhere to this interval.

The Facebook algorithm is constantly changing. But the platform will always support high-quality, up-to-date content with any new trend in progress.

Monitor your strategy with analytics tools – and you’ll always be aware of the audience’s reaction to any type of content.

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