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If you are not in the habit of greeting the good news with cartoon smiley face, watching other people use emoticons may seem like listening to a conversation in a foreign language. ALSO REFER, 7 ways to use emojis for marketing |In fact, 92% of people use emoticons and more than 30% use Emoji several times a day. According to a report published by research group Emoji and emoticons based marketing campaigns increased by 77% an year.

Many forward-thinking companies use emoticons to connect with their audience and to practice some creative brand building.

The results are worth noting:

  • On Twitter, using emoticons results in 25.4% more engagement.
  • On Facebook, use emoticons results in 57% more Emoji likes, 33% more comments and 33% more shares.
  • On Instagram, almost 50% of all comments and signatures contains smileys.

Seeing this, is it any wonder that Printin Evans, professor of linguistics at Bangor University, called Emoji “the fastest-growing form of the language in the history of” The Oxford Dictionary or choose ‘Emoji’, word of the year in 2015.

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Now you know why the smile is not important to your social media, here are seven tips on how to use them for effective brand building.

1. Use organically smilies: –

Points of emoticons to convey a clumsy mood – such as entering =D instead of “it makes me happy.”

Thus, when you use emoticons, your sense should always be clear.

use emoticons


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2. Understand the meaning of Emoji

One of the biggest traps for Emoji world is that sometimes these cute little characters can mean what you think, as this pie chart you wrote emoticons demonstrates:

However, when you understand the meaning of smiles, this is where you can get creative.

New York Health + hospitals use emoticons eggplant (usually used as innuendo) in a marketing campaign to promote Emoji sex health education

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3. Keep a consistent brand messaging

2016 proved that a film about the foul-mouthed, wannabe superhero with a penchant for slapstick comedy and emoticons marketing campaign is a marriage made in heaven.

Use Emoji in Deadpool was simple, and it reflects the essence of the comic book character.

use emoticonsIf you want to get creative with your emoticons, make sure that your brand message is consistent. If you are puritanical insurance broker and you suddenly start to write with his tongue hanging emoticons, you can raise eyebrows, and you could alienate your core audience.

4. Use emoticons for real-time interaction

The biggest advantage of snepchat, twitter and video streaming relies on a myriad of emoticons – is a way to show clients the human side of your company.

You can use emoticons to social media in case of need, as you would while texting, and, as a rule, do not use excessive Emoji, you can get creative.

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Emoticons can also be used to participate in the game, such as “Emojiball” Takamatsu advertising campaign, or by creating custom emoticons, people really love, such as this creative Spotifay campaign:


5. Tie Emoji to your brand

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is dedicated to protecting the environment and the preservation of endangered species. To support this goal, and to make people tweeting, they released a campaign EndangeredEmoji # Twitter, who donated £ 0.10 for each character on Twitter.

use emoticons

An example of campaign activities #, which advocates for gender equality. The campaign has earned 115% more social media mentions by creating custom Emoji and support of many well-known celebrities.

In this case, emoticons not sell yourself to wit; instead it has become a symbol around which people can rally. If you choose to create custom Emoji for your brand, these three things can make all the difference:


  • Make sure that the majority of devices will display emoticons.
  • Encourage your customers to share smiles through promotions or events.
  • Tie emoticons to business or important character – the fact that people are passionate about.

6. Insert emoticons into your sales funnel

Domino Campaign ‘easy order-this child brilliant marketing emoticons. Far from a simple settlement for brand promotion, Domino made it possible for customers to order a pizza with Emoji.

Pizza-lovers all have to do is set up an account with Domino, link to their Twitter account, and then tweet pizza emoticons. It takes just a couple of seconds to get a confirmation text from Domino, and in a fraction of minutes your favorite pizza is waiting on the door.

use emoticons

While most companies simply use emoticons to connect with their customers and promote their brands, Domino was able to make emoticons characteristic of the basic sales.

Key Removal

Emoji sometimes help in better online interaction with customers than text, for all its virtues. Well, they can be a powerful marketing tool.

And whether you love them or hate them, they are here to stay.

Of course, to successfully incorporate emoticons to your Social Media Marketing, you need to carefully consider the same thing for any advocacy campaign:

  • Consider your target audience and ask yourself:
    • Will using emoticons resonate them?
    • Will they help in conveying your feelings?
    • What they already use Emoji?
  • Consider brand consistency and ask yourself:
    • What emoticons reflect my core values?
    • What Emoji name your brand best fits to?
  • Consider your campaign message and ask yourself:
    • What are the implications of smiles, which I want to use?
    • My message was clear?

Smiles entered the public vernacular in a big way, and virtual assistants are becoming more common and brands are working to meet their customers that they prefer; we can expect that smileys will continue to play a role in how we communicate.

To conclude, I would prefer to use emoticons than to type a long text message. The best thing about emoticons is that they actually helps you in overcoming language barriers.

7 ways to Use Emoticons in Social Media
Article Name
7 ways to Use Emoticons in Social Media
If you are not in the habit of greeting the good news with cartoon smiley face, watching other people use emoticons may seem like listening to a conversation in a foreign language.

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