Very soon the favorite folk festival is Fool’s Day. Why folk? After all, a fool is a true cultural symbol, the hero of all favorite fairy tales.

A fool makes strange decisions, shocking everyone with his ideas, doing the opposite. And what is the result? Wedding with the princess and half the kingdom.

Does this scenario work in life? It turns out, yes!

Everyone faced this. You see the advertisement of a new product and you think who can buy it at all? But it turns out, the novelty is sold like hot cakes. You, too, can invent something like that? It’s easy!

In today’s infographic, we will tell you about strange inventions that have become cultic and brought millions of dollars in companies.

The strangest business ideas that have become successful

Have you ever used a product or service and wondered “how did you come up with this?”

Today we will consider the strangest business ideas that have become truly successful. Some inventions at first seemed strange, but now are considered a “new norm”. Others continue to remain miraculous and after gaining world fame.

The spring

The spring was invented by engineer Richard James after he accidentally tripped over a spring. He brought his invention to perfection, took a loan and issued the first batch of samples. But the stores did not rush to buy such a boring toy. After the inventor personally demonstrated to her children, the novelty began to gain popularity rapidly.



Selfi-stick invented (at least) twice. In the 1980s Hiroshi Ueba came up with an “extension cord” after the child ran away with his camera when he was asked to take a photo. Then the invention was ahead of its time and not spread. Then in the early 2000s Wayne Fromm wanted to solve a similar problem, not knowing at the same time about the invention of Hiroshi. He invented his product after analyzing the mechanism in umbrellas, and then spent 10 years on his promotion.


Message on the potato

This is just a crazy idea. Alex Craig, the founder of Potato Parcel decided not to make a revolution in the ways of communication, but simply to simplify communication by inviting people to send anonymous messages written on potatoes. Surprisingly, the idea survived and brings a lot of money to the creator.


Delivery of snow

Kyle and Jessica Waring tried to drive on a snow-covered road in Boston in February 2015, when they had the idea to send people snow as a comic gift. They were wondering if anyone would buy it. Business has become viral for 19 days, and young people are snowing today!


The air in the bottle

Moses Lam started selling packages with Canadian air as a joke. However, due to serious environmental problems in China, his company Vitality Air hardly keeps up with the number of orders from the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom, yearning for fresh air.


Water in a Bottle

Today it does not seem ridiculous, but when people just started pouring bottled water and selling it, everyone did it for themselves for free. For the first time, bottled water was sold in Marverna in England in 1622, and it was believed that such water has medicinal properties. Today we can buy water in a bottle at any store.


Plaid with sleeves

It seemed that no one would ever want to buy something like that, but a plaid with sleeves became very popular. The inventor Gary Clegg froze in his room and asked his mother to make a plaid with one sleeve to make it convenient for him to switch channels. Later he added one more sleeve and began to produce and promote his invention.


The pet-stone

Hearing how his friends complain about their pets, Gary Dal thought that the ideal pet would be a stone. He will not have to look after him, and he always diligently behaves. He wrote a guide with instructions for looking after a pet-stone and delivered the future pet in a small cardboard box with straw and air holes. The sale of each such gift for $ 4 a piece made from Gary a millionaire!


The secret of the success of such inventions in their novelty and orientation to a certain niche. At first glance they seem completely useless and ridiculous, but even you could buy them.


7 strange products that became marketing hits
Article Name
7 strange products that became marketing hits
A fool makes strange decisions, shocking everyone with his ideas, doing the opposite. And what is the result? Wedding with the princess and half the kingdom.

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