When a large team is working on the site, it is important to be aware of all the changes. At least because the client or developers can carelessly deal with the promoted pages, in particular, with the main tags that SEO specialists are engaged in: Title, Description and so on. They can make undesirable changes, or worse, place the meta noindex tag on several sections inadvertently, change the server response for the promoted pages, add incorrect directives to the robots.txt file.

It is to track such updates (in addition to debugged communications in a team among developers and content managers), there are services for automatic monitoring of sites, which will be discussed in this article.

A web service that allows you to track changes on sites: server response, change of Title / Description tags, H1, rel = canonical, server response, robots.txt and so on. The earlier an SEO specialist tracks such changes (if they are undesirable), the better the chances that they will be corrected before the pages are reindexed by search bots. The service sends a daily report on the changes to the email. It is possible to check on the user’s request, in addition to the daily bypass.

Cost. There is a free version and paid (from 500 rubles per month) with extended limits on the number of pages and domains.


The most famous function of the service is position monitoring, it also allows you to track changes on the site is important for SEO (section “Radar” – https://topvisor.ru/watcher/ ). It is possible to choose the way of notification (on the site or by email) and the frequency of checks (every day, every week), as well as the round-trip time of interest.

Cost. Calculated based on the number of different checks (positions, clustering), paid rates start from 999 rubles in me

One of the oldest simple services for monitoring changes on sites. It is possible to add your URL and look at changing the content on the page, set the notification frequency (once a day/week/month), specify additional options – for example, notify if something significant has changed, and not just the dates on the page.

The cost of the service is free, but it does not allow you to track changes to individual HTML elements on the page.


The service allows you to track changes on pages (in text or code) and the appearance of new pages on the site. One of the possibilities is the monitoring of the appearance of new pages in the search results in interesting queries, and it is also possible to track the appearance or disappearance of a specific word or phrase.

Cost. For paid tariffs, it is possible to monitor the pages every 15 minutes (5 sites x 50 pages) .

The service allows you to monitor parameters such as:

  • The expiration date of the SSL certificate and domain.
  • The presence of viruses.
  • Regular checking of SEO links (noindex, nofollow, robots.txt, etc.).
  • Monitoring of a certain fragment of text on the page being checked.
  • Checking for Domain and IP in the black lists of Roskomnadzor, Spamhaus.

Cost. Tariffication here is based not on the subscription fee, but on the number of really used requests: for example, checking the validity of the SSL certificate (cost per day) is $ 0.01.

Some tariffs have access through the API and support for pages that require authorization on the site to access.

The service has datacenters in the US, Europe and Asia.

Checks are run every 15 minutes, and the server’s uptime is checked every 15 seconds.

Cost: Tariffs start at $ 15 per month (3 sites for 25 URLs).


A what tools do you use for these tasks? Share, please, in the comments.

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