Content Marketing: There are several challenges for an integrated approach to create content and to meet the needs of users and the search engines. Consider these steps before creating content that satisfies the need of both users and search engines. ALSO REFER, Content Marketing SEO

The challenge for content creation

Gone are the days when suspicious and dishonest practices ruled the internet, like keyword stuffing and paid Linking. More focus on the quality of content rather than on quantity, has led to better user experience. In other words, before the publication of the content, it needs to be optimized for both users and search engines.

An integrated approach to content creation and content marketing

Integration of search engine needs and user requirements is intended to include SEO in every step of the process of content creation.

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  1. The study of the needs and behavior of users:

    How users are looking for content and to what extent? Preliminary study on the effectiveness of keywords will help avoid the costs of efforts to create content that contains under performing keywords. When thinking about keywords, you need to consider the impact of Google and the Hummingbird and how Google gets even better with the semantic search.

  2. Writing optimized content:

    Many writers are aware of the best practices of SEO, such as keyword density and optimizing the header.Content writers are usually motivated to optimize their content for organic search. When SEO tools can easily integrated into the process of content writing, SEO is not seen as an obstacle, but an integral part for the process of publishing quality content friendly to search engines.

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  3. Optimization of the technical elements of SEO:

    There are some technical SEO issues that writers are unable to solve on their own.In this case, a team of SEO experts should take over and view the page before publication to ensure consistency between the content, keywords and technical elements of each page.

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  4. Linking and Social Activity:

    Publication and promotion of two major elements of SEO that are included in the publication and promotion processes are Linking and Social Activity.It is necessary to check the internal links (and the outgoing and incoming), to make sure that they refer to the relevant pages. You can also pay attention to the profile of the competitor links to similar pages. Who refers to their pages and what is their authority? If we talk about social activity, whether the keywords in the social promotion are enhanced? What is the social activity of competitor’s pages? Whether their activity correlates with their rating?

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  5. Measuring the effectiveness of SEO

    Following the publication of content, you need to carefully monitor the results of its business.What rating reached a page? Does the target value correlates conversion rate?

Responding to these questions, you can adjust their actions in the future when creating content.


5 steps for SEO-friendly content marketing
Article Name
5 steps for SEO-friendly content marketing
Gone are the days when suspicious and dishonest practices ruled the internet, like keyword stuffing and paid Linking. Although increase in attention on the quality of content, has led to the creation of better user experience.

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