How about keeping your hand on the pulse of the freshest marketing trends?

Want to learn about the development of Internet promotion, about completely new marketing trends and introduce them into your work before the rest?

If you answered yes – this article is for you.

1. Online marketing communications go into “one-to-one” mode


So, sotsseti ceased to be a channel of traffic and sales. And, despite the fact that there are no ideals, now it is more important than ever to observe the “simple” formula of success – “the right message – to the right client – at the right time” .

Today the opportunities for personalization allow us to approach this maxim. However, it is also important here not to transgress the line.

Correct understanding “one-to-one” marketing – interaction with people on the basis of their interests and needs, without obsession, familiarity and demonstration of their superiority.

It is this approach that can increase ROI at times.

Specific advice

You are promoting a restaurant. A good idea is to launch an advertisement on Facebook that takes into account the interests of each particular user, create personal messages based on information from the profile. Suggest that you really like it.

2. Optimizing work with multiple channels


It’s time to establish itself in the digital space . Create strong and reliable supports.

We have said many times that we should not throw ourselves at all possible channels of interaction with consumers. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to focus on one thing. You must have several working tools and grounds. For example, your site, your mailing, your profile on facebook and in instagram.

Specific advice

Part of your marketing channels should be “in your property”, i.e. Depend only on you, like a website and a blog. And part of it is “rented space”, like your accounts in social networks. The so-called principle “owned vs. Rented land “.

In general, you have to be sure that if something goes wrong on one of the channels, for example, you have a sharp fall in organic coverage in Facebook, it will not become critical for your business.

3. Bots


One of the most exciting innovations in the world of Internet marketing was the emergence of chat bots.

So what is a chat-bot?

Wikipedia gives us the following definition: “ AND Internet bot is a special program that performs automatically and / or on a scheduled schedule any actions through interfaces intended for people. ”

Marketers and entrepreneurs are often afraid to introduce bots just because they do not know how to do it. However, to date, there are many automated solutions.

Specific advice

Very soon such tasks as writing articles for a blog, creating graphic elements, creating personalized content, working with mailing, posting in social networks and communicating with users will be solved exclusively with the help of bots. Think about which of these tasks you would gladly take off from yourself today.

Start experimenting with bots. Just feel what they are capable of.

4. The use of unobvious network capabilities


One of the most unusual marketing trends of this year is the use of atypical channels for promotion . This business activity will continue to become more popular.

Think about where exactly in the vastness of the Internet your CA is spending time.

Specific advice

Many Western entrepreneurs began using the Quora resource as a marketing channel.

Quora is an online guide containing smart questions and profound answers of specialists on various topics. Competent detailed answers on this site are able to generate thousands of views of the necessary pages.

Think about forums and resources where you can act as a specialist, where your knowledge and experience can satisfy the audience’s request.

5. Creation of high-quality content in new environments


Brands relentlessly please us with creativity and good advertising. It is quite obvious that it will be extremely difficult to stand out against the backdrop of thousands of competitors. We have to make efforts, connect the creative, scientific and emotional component.

Many will argue that the quality of content has always been in the first place.

What is fundamentally new here?

Now it is not enough to create just high-quality content. It is necessary to create high-quality content in different formats.

Expand your content inventory, let in your arsenal there will be also video, and podcasts, and advertising in social networks.

Specific advice

You wrote an excellent article, longrid for 10,000 characters. You have spent a lot of time and effort. Do not just use the text option! Make an infographic to it. Take a short video. Experiment!

Anyone who wants to be successful tomorrow must shake himself up today.

The behavior and preferences of users are changing. SMM is not the same as it was before. The whole set of tools for online promotion should be optimized.

Start reviewing your strategy right now.


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