The number of people using the Facebook messenger has exceeded a billion. This fact is enough to immediately try to use it as another advertising tool.

The specialists from Buffer have already done this, and now they are in a hurry to share their advice and conclusions from what they have accomplished. Read and remember.

Why you need Facebook Messenger

When we talk about social networks, first of all, Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte and so on come to mind. However, we miss a significant part, and this part is messengers. On the graph below you can see that the messengers have long bypassed the social network on a monthly active audience:


Representatives of Facebook IQ conducted a study, the results of which showed that:

  • 63% have more often exchanged messages with business representatives in the past two years.
  • 56% would prefer to write a message, rather than call the company.
  • 61% like personalized messages from brands.
  • More than 50% would have opted for a company with which messages can be exchanged in instant messengers.

In other words, if you have not yet started using messengers as another channel of communication with your audience – it’s time to start.

How can I apply it

1. To share content

One of the most common ways to deliver content is by email. But experts from HubSpot argue that FB Messenger for this well suited. Therefore, instead of the next form of subscription to the newsletter to the site, an option to choose the delivery of content using the messenger was added.

The experiment showed that the opening factor in FB Messenger is 242 higher, and the CTR is 619 times higher.


2. To help users find relevant content

Rather than sending materials that may not be of interest to everyone, you can help users find what they need. Companies such as Whole Foods Market, Food Network and TechCrunch use chat bots, which on request find a particular material.


This is a great way to deliver content without imposing. If you choose this method for yourself, do not forget that the site should be adapted for mobile devices.

3. For the lead generation

FB Messenger is quite suitable for generating leads. Thus, the agency Valassis has developed a chat-bot for Feldman Automotive Group with the aim of increasing sales in car showrooms of the brand in the regions. It was decided to use the “click-to-Messenger” option, which is an ad that the user clicks into the chat in FB Messenger. In the Feldman Automotive Group chat they were expected to talk to a bot who asked various questions and was generally able to talk.


With the help of the bot, it was possible to capture about 100 000 users per month. In addition, about 50 sales were carried out.

4. To re-attract potential customers

How do I get users to contact you first with FB Messenger? It’s simple: advertising will help here. About what kind of advertising opportunities have a social networking messenger, we already wrote here.

One of the advertising options Facebook Messenger involves sending messages to those who have already communicated with the brand page in the social network. This is a great way to remind those who have not previously purchased the product of the company or have already done it, but for a long time.


5. To provide high-quality customer service

Perhaps you are already doing this. And if not, then know that users prefer to correspond to any other way of communicating with the brand. In doing so, they want you to respond as quickly as possible. So, the company Sprout Social conducted a study, the results of which showed that the majority of customers expect that the company will answer them on social networks within four hours. In this case, the answer of most brands has to wait about ten hours. And 30% of users will go to a competitor if the brand does not respond at all.


To begin with, you can try not to ignore messages or respond to them a little faster than usual.

Instead of confinement

Tell us which of the above-listed strategies appealed to you most. Perhaps you are already using one of them at work? Share examples in the comments!



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