Collections do not happen much. Especially when it comes to use tools that will help the marketer. We decided to collect them for you in one place.

The services included in the list are either free or they are intended to be used free of charge for a limited period of time.



  • SEO Gadget – a free tool for checking positions in the search. As a paid option
  • Rush Analytics is a multifunctional service that allows you to create a semantic kernel, quickly collect search clues and m There is a free test period.
  • Serpstat – a versatile platform that allows you to conduct a full analysis of competitors, including paid services, but there is a free version with limited functionality
  • – Yandex update analyzer, index indicator, reference updates, TCI, saved copy, algorithm tweaking and issuing Yandex, etc…
  • Website Grader – an English-language tool that provides a quick assessment of the site in several ways
  • Website Penalty Indicator – checks the site for the presence of sanctions from Google.
  • ] SEO Tools for Excel – allows you to upgrade Excel so that it can analyze SEO parameters. There is a free test period.

Analysis of competitors


  • Raven Tools – a service for the analysis of competing sites. There is a free test period (two weeks).
  • SpyOnWeb – the tool conducts a brief analysis of the main characteristics of the site and provides data on sites that fully match the IP address.
  • Simply Measured is a set of free tools for conducting
  • Fanpage Karma is a free tool for analyzing both your profiles and competitor pages. There is the ability to quickly unload into Excel.

Contextual advertisement


  • Yandex Wordstat Helper – this browser extension allows you to speed up the collection of words with the help of YandexWorldstate.
  • Advertisement generator¬†– utility for the mass generation about
  • py7 – a tool for pre-minus and cross-minus keywords.
  • Free AdWords Performance Grader ] is a service designed to audit an AdWords account.
  • Call Rail – a tool for tracking and recording phone calls and analytics. It combines the functions of AdWords and Analytics. There is a two-week test period.
  • eLama – the service is designed to automate the management of contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords.



Hootsuite – a tool for auto-posting on Facebook, Instagram and on other popular social platforms.

Robo Posting – another auto-posting service for Facebook Free for one group

ShortStack – service for creating any type of advertising campaign in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There is a free version.

Facebook Page Barometer – a tool from Agora Pulse will show statistics on coverage, involvement, and other parameters.

FeedSpy – finds virus posts and analyzes competitors. There is a free version, but the cost of a paid tariff is low – 199 rubles. per month.

Random – service for generating random numbers for competitions in social networks.

Tabfoundry – service for creating simple games, tests, polls, etc.

Union Metrics ] – a tool that provides data on hashtags, content and the best time for posting on Instagram.

Statusbrew – multifunctional service, including analysis your audience in all social networks in one interface.

Activity Walls – allows you to find all posts devoted to this or that event in Instagram and Twitter.

EcoTime – service for auto-posting in VKontakte.

SocialStats – provides detailed statistics on the photo and video albums, wall notes and friend lists. Analyzes personal pages and communities.

Contest manager – VKontakte application intended for organizing the “guess number”, “casual user” competitions. Allows you to sum up the activities.



Facebook Cover Photos – the collection of covers for pages and groups on Facebook.

Photovisi – a tool for creating collages.

Profile Picture Maker – service for processing and creating covers in social networks.

Creately – allows you to create diagrams.

PPicMonkey in image processing tool.

Studio Design – a mobile application that allows you to edit photos and images.

Memegen – a tool for creating memes.

It’s always important for a marketer to understand the effectiveness of one or another advertising channel.

Among those that we use, I can note the system of end-to-end analytics Comagic – if properly configured with it, you can determine the most effective channel of advertising and strengthen it, withdrawing part of the budget or the whole budget from the least conversion channels.

You can also find on the Internet a calculator for calculating ROI – there are different modifications and variations on several sites. You can use it on the site, and you can transfer the formulas to Excel.

If you dive into optimization and increase the effectiveness of contextual advertising, then the services of K50 and the like can be useful. To sparse keywords and announcements of competitors from Yandex.Direct – service.

As for the analysts in assessing the effectiveness and dynamics of the promotion of their site, or sites-competitors, then services Megaindex, SemRush, Ahrefs and the like will be useful. They are more relevant to tools for SEO professionals, but they will also help the marketer. For example, pull out the information he needs and draw the appropriate conclusions on the basis of it.

Abbreviation of the references


Bitty The United States of America The United States of America The United States of America



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