What can I do if new ideas for writing content do not arrive, but a site and a page in social networks need to be replenished with posts? We offer you a number of tips on how to create interesting information materials using available resources. You can also view, How to create a guide to style your brand for social networks.

1. Pay attention to the materials of competitors

In the absence of worthwhile ideas for writing articles, you need to look at the work of creatives of the closest competitors. Well think about what you can do with their materials:

  • Add relevance. For example, you can find obsolete material in competitors for 2013, which has collected many views. Your task is to bring up the actual data for 2017 in order to re-interest visitors.
  • Add details. Short texts are improved by interesting facts, details and illustrations. They receive more feedback from users.
  • Add entertainment. Any content should be pleasant to look at and easy to read. The text material should be diluted not only with pictures, but also with beautiful graphics, diagrams, and georeferencing. Also check, 5 stages of Preparation for the Creation of the Correct Logo

2. Return to the origins: customers

There is no need to be afraid to go out on personal contact with visitors to the resource. It is recommended to study the topics to which they communicate, which ask questions to each other. For this you can use not only call centers and e-mail correspondence. There are more modern ways:

  • Communication with sales managers and technical support. They process the requests of clients every day, so they know all their problems, frequent questions.
  • Creating a Community of Clients. Some companies have created a tradition of Friday meetings with customers and even competitors over a cup of coffee. Do not forget about the local television channel and the popular newspaper. And the creation of a corporate page in Facebook and Instagram is the very first action.content marketing

3. Get real experience

Popular content among users is often based on real experience of the author or his friends. Do not forget about quality event marketing. Regularly ask employees about their personal experience. Find among them a person with good experience who can write a relevant article or share interesting information. If it proves successful, other workers will immediately be interested in this opportunity. You can also check, 17 directories where you add your blog

4. Interviews with leaders of public opinion

Each brand has people who stand at the source of the company and stand out among the other employees charisma. They can be invited to an interview for a new idea. As an option – to write a short video for Yutuba, which will be interesting to users in a particular area.

Opinion leaders are asked questions about the objectives of their work and the main obstacles. The audience should provide a brief but interesting biography of the person to whose success they seek.

All these recommendations will certainly help you to raise your content marketing to a new level, if you put them into practice. We wish you excellent creative ideas!


How to Update your Content Marketing Strategies
Article Name
How to Update your Content Marketing Strategies
All these recommendations will certainly help you to raise your content marketing to a new level, if you put them into practice. We wish you excellent creative ideas!

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