In today’s article you will find 52 types of marketing strategies and tactics listed in random order that will help you attract new customers and strengthen the brand’s position.

1. Motivated Marketing

Find what’s important to you and your customers. This strategy can create real magic for your business.

For example, instead of the traditional “buy one pair of shoes and get a second gift” Toms Shoes attracted many customers and strengthened their reputation by deciding to give the second pair of shoes to those who need it.

2. Marketing Relations

Focus on building relationships with customers, not on constant attempts to sell them something. Customers who love your brand will spend more on it.

Many traditional retailers have evaluated the benefits of this approach. Walgreens noticed that customers who use all available channels (store, web, mobile, etc.) buy 6 times more than average customers that go only to the store.

3. Offline marketing-strategy

Look for new ways to integrate offline marketing with new technologies to create a more engaging client experience.

Coca-Cola developed soda machines that asked customers to hug them. This campaign strengthens the association of the brand with a sense of happiness, and also offers consumers to get acquainted with the real product offline.


4. Digital Marketing

Use a variety of devices, such as smartphones, computers, tablets or digital signage, to tell customers and partners about their products.


5. Deficit marketing

If appropriate, make your product available to only a small number of consumers.

The Phantom from the Rolls-Royce collection of the Year of the Dragon Collection was sold very quickly. And although the cost of the novelty was higher than that of other luxury cars, the limited production allowed to increase demand.


6. Marketing of personal recommendations

Create a good reputation for your company and products, so people want to talk about them to friends and acquaintances. Sarafannoe radio is the transfer of information from person to person in the process of communication.


7. CTA marketing-strategy

Convert more clients to the network. CTA is an important part of inbound marketing, usually it is presented in the form of a banner, text or graphics. The call to action (CTA) encourages the visitor to click and enter the sales funnel that will lead him to purchase.

8. Marketing of diversity

Consider differences in culture, beliefs, expectations, tastes and needs. Then create a marketing plan for effective targeting of various customers.


9. Marketing of understatement

Do not talk about some of the benefits of your product or service. Sometimes this can be an excellent occasion for discussion.

Remember the trailer, which intrigued you to watch the movie. Without revealing all the features of the picture, the advertiser can create an intrigue and attract more viewers to the cinemas.


10. Transactional marketing-strategy

Encourage customers to make purchases by offering coupons, discounts, sales and various events.


11. Mass marketing

Grow up! Big business spends big money on analyzing big data. This helps them understand through which channels it is better to promote the brand to attract new customers.

Walmart is an example of an effective retailer working in the mass market. Being the # 1 retailer in the world, the brand is serious about all its marketing efforts and offers local customers a sense of comfort and authenticity.


12. Seasonal marketing

Offer seasonal activities. This will help attract new customers and renew relations with existing ones. Events can be tied to the time of year or national holidays.

For example, for the Hallmark retailer, Mother’s Day is an important part of business.


13. PR-market strategy

Collaborate with media to increase the visibility of your products and their benefits.

When Apple founder Steve Jobs was alive, the brand held large-scale press conferences to announce each new product. This tradition continues today.


14. Viral Marketing

Get customers to discuss your products and services by offering them content they will not be able to resist, and want to share it with friends.

WestLJet counted on 800,000 views of their Christmas video 2013. But after just a couple of days after the Christmas Miracle came out, more than 13 million times users from 200 countries watched. He was actively discussed in the UK, Australia, Japan, Poland and Malaysia. Such attention is estimated at more than a million dollars.


15. Online Marketing

Look for new ways to use the network. Most modern online strategies are a mixture of growth hacking and tactics to attract attention.

One of the most effective online marketers is the insurance company Geico, which asks users to enter their zip code for the opportunity to save money.


16. Email marketing

Collect and organize email addresses of potential and existing customers. Send them valuable messages, avoiding spam.

Many B2B companies depend on email marketing, as for them this is the main way to communicate with customers. IBM, for example, often sends useful information to potential customers.


17. Evangelism-marketing

Surprise, admire and offer your customers more than they expect. Then they will become true fans and advocates of your brand and will promote it on behalf of your company.


18. Marketing events

Conduct events to increase sales. Customers often need a reason to start buying. And events are an excellent occasion.

For example, the Macy’s parade in honor of Thanksgiving became part of American culture.


19. Outbound marketing

Tell potential customers about their existence. Having compiled a list of potential customers, the company can begin to address individual groups of consumers using targeting.

When Microsoft sold software for accounting, they often used outbound marketing to identify potential customers.


20. Inbound marketing

Sell to customers additional products and services that they do not have at the time of contact with you.

When companies call to check the balance, Chase often asks if the client is interested in obtaining a loan or other services.

21. Marketing of free goods

Offer the product cheaply or for free to increase sales of accessories or additional services.

22. Marketing privileges

Offer additional services using innovative offers and benefits to increase customer satisfaction.

For example, Amazon offers a Prime program for customers who want to have free shipping for two days at a fixed annual fee.


23. News market strategy

Write messages about important news of your organization.

The Motley Fool shared useful ideas about their investments with their community for many years. These mailings created the effect of involvement and became one of the main reasons for their growth.


24. Search engine market strategy

Make Google your business partner. Today people with all questions do not turn to friends, but to search engines. Use the most effective SEO techniques to improve ranking.


25. Direct media market strategy

Directly communicate with customers using text messages, email, interactive sites, media advertising, leaflets, catalogs, letters or outdoor advertising.

This approach also has negative sides, because consumers do not like it when they are bombarded with advertising, but many large companies around the world still use this strategy. For example, the retailer L.L.Bean uses such marketing programs, which are very popular with customers. They are waiting for their catalogs with impatience.


26. Niche market strategy

Defining your niche and filling it up is the secret ingredient of success for growth in a crowded market.

The footwear market seems to be crowded, but Vans has concentrated on only one category of customers: skaters. This helped her create a thriving business.


27. Drip Market strategy

This is a communication strategy, within which customers are sent out in advance prepared messages. Most often this tactic takes the form of email marketing.

28. Community Market strategy

Address the needs and requirements of existing customers. This helps to strengthen their loyalty and increase their satisfaction.


29. SMM

Interact with customers through social networks. They offer unique opportunities for those companies that are willing to invest in the involvement of consumers.

Southwest Airlines has a special department with more than 30 employees, whose main task is active interaction with clients in social networks.

30. Cross-media marketing

This approach implies the use of various channels for promotion: email, mail, network, etc. Brands talk about their offers to customers using various platforms.

31. Affinity marketing-strategy

As part of this strategy, companies use bluetooth or WiFi to promote products and services to customers nearby.

32. B2B marketing-strategy

B2B marketing involves the sale of products or services to other companies that act as intermediaries, use them in their work or to promote their own services or goods.

International Business Machines is a well-known B2B marketer. By their growth, they are obliged to promote their products to other companies and the government.

33. Marketing promotion

It is designed to inspire customers to commit an action. This strategy includes holding contests, distributing coupons and free samples.


34. Marketing Associations

Advertisers build associations between a brand and a certain event, without acting as its sponsor or partner.


35. B2C marketing-strategy

Convert visitors into buyers. Within the framework of B2C marketing, techniques such as distribution of coupons, display advertising, window dressing and special offers are used.


35 types of marketing strategies
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35 types of marketing strategies
Learn about 52 types of marketing strategies and tactics listed in random order that will help you attract new customers and strengthen the brand's position.

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