As we approach 2019, we are increasingly thinking about what brought us the current year: important events, bright trends, major achievements. How has our life changed? Our work? We ourselves?

For marketing and leading aspects of advancement, the outgoing year did not become a revolution. There were no revolutionary tools in the arsenal of our tactics, and no significant rethinking and deformations occurred in the specifics of constructing any kinds of strategies.

In the article “5 Marketing Trends Come from 2017,” we listed new trends in the industry, attention to specialists. I propose to return to them again:

  • Online marketing communications in the “one-to-one” mode,
  • Optimizing work with multiple channels,
  • Bots,
  • Use of unobvious network capabilities,
  • Creation of high-quality content in new environments.

There are no revelations in this list. But working with each of these points will allow you to improve the quality of your Internet presence, and hence the return on your investment.

Today we will touch on three more trends in the digital and marketing spheres that should be kept in the spotlight in next year.


Such a visual demonstration of the product to the consumer is a promising way to increase the quantity conversions.

2. Airbnb said that soon the technologies of augmented reality will help people who have booked a dwelling on their service to navigate on the spot, namely, to show where the keys are, how the door opens, to talk about the city or country, and t . In addition, the service team plans to use panoramic cameras and 3D-scanners to collect all the necessary visual information so that customers can make a virtual walk through it at the stage of choosing a room. Such opportunities will undoubtedly improve the user experience qualitatively and help the brand to get even more loyal customers.

Concrete advice

Think about how

The technology is wonderful and attracts a lot of interest, but how can it make the experience of your customers better?

Next year, watch how the development and application of technology, and stay open to new ideas. Perhaps your brand does not need to be among the first to introduce AR into the arsenal of marketing tools. Nevertheless, to start thinking about how to build augmented reality into the consumer path to the decision to buy in your business, now is the time. Even if you plan to wait for a mass use.

"And, as Internet marketing becomes more expensive, the experience of real interaction begins to return what seemed to be a lost value.

Successful brands are increasingly trying to go offline: hand out flyers, make presentations and conduct events. This helps make the brand’s history authentic and tangible.

But the problem is not only and not so much that the online format requires more and more investment. To date, people are already too tired of the endless flurry of information that falls on them on the Internet, and they begin to miss the real interaction, adventure and experience.

Concrete advice

Marketers should take advantage of this movement of the soul, no matter how it sounds. Organize events that will help express your identity. Connect interactive features to create an impression of ownership of your brand.

Develop a new approach to organizing business events that will capture your brand in people’s memory. Think about how to turn each of the potential customers into a part of your brand history.


Identify at least three main features of your brand that you consider to be the most significant.

As an option:

  • impeccable quality,
  • conformity with the trends,
  • ecology.

And let me clients to make sure of their fairness. Let them personally carry out an experiment that proves the high quality of your product, and compliance with trends and environmental compatibility can be demonstrated with the help of VR technologies. Give people who are taking part in your event the opportunity to try new technology – let them take a virtual walk through the forest, which is saved or planted thanks to your brand. Think of something interesting!

Offline events will help to generate true emotional reactions for customers, which will be an occasion to share the history of your brand, of which they felt part.


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