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Changes are the only constant. And email marketing is no exception.

In recent years email marketing has undergone many significant changes and improvements. This gave designers the opportunity to offer more personalized and innovative content to subscribers. You can also check, 5 steps for SEO-friendly content marketing

To help you keep track of important trends, EmailMonks created an infographic describing the largest trends in email design. Be prepared for:

  • Interactive menu, forms, search and further development of message functions.
  • The growth of the popularity of GIF and synemographs in animated elements and a “live” background.
  • Turning email messages into mini-sites: recipients will be able to search for necessary information without going to the brand site.
  • The emergence of personalization and segmentation to a new level, dynamic content will become an important element of modern mailings.
  • The prevalence of minimalist design and the expression of more information in a smaller amount of content.

email design


Trends in email design for 2017

A glance at the future

Today, every user receives a lot of messages on his e-mail. Some of them are plain text, others are real works of art that you are proud of.

EmailMonks analyzed a new portion of email messages that conquered our boxes and compiled a list of message design trends that would revolutionize the world of email marketing. Learn more, 7 ways to Use Emoticons in Social Media

Let’s remember the trends from 2016

Trends of email design that can continue to surprise us in 2017

Light GIF in the messages

GIF is a blend of video and images, the animation contains a few successive friends. GIF is a mixture of video and images, the animation contains a few successive friends Friend frames. But fortunately, GIF files are not as heavy as video and only take up a bit more space than the usual JPEG images.

In the reports from Anthropologie and NEST about The image moves, which immediately attracts attention.

Flat design in the messages

The flat design of electronic messages corresponds to the latest changes in UI Android and iOS . The color palette differs light colors in a pair with a white background, which creates a very neat appearance, and also simplifies the scanning of text.

Last year, to preserve the uniformity of all communications Fitbit began to apply flat design in all mailings.

The minimalistic design of the messages

Microblogging and SMS have taught people to extract more information from less content. This trend has caused the growth of the popularity of minimalist design. Since the time of concentration of readers’ attention is constantly decreasing, subscribers should be surprised with their mailing as soon as possible. Also check, 17 directories where you can add your blog

There are always only one image that excites interest and embodies the basic message of the letter

J.Crew ]

Unusual message design

All the unexpected causes delight. Some designers create unusual templates for email- messages to surprise subscribers and remember. Email design with infographics can add interactivity to your emails. Therefore, choosing the right method of email design is very important for one’s business.

The Chubbies clothing retailer used a style of correspondence in iOS to simulate a conversation between two marketers to announce a sale. A vivid message for Thanksgiving from EmailMonks contains a discount coupon.

Ready-made message templates

Focusing on their design guides, many companies create similar email messages for a series of mailings. It is also important for automation to develop a uniform design for each letter in order to establish contact with subscribers. This means that some design elements will remain unchanged. Marketers can use templates with modular sections, which greatly simplifies the work and makes it faster.

Message templates EmailMonks use such brands as Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, ExactTarget and Marketo . Get your template by reference.

email design
The design concept of email marketing and sales. Concept in flat design style. Can be used for web banners, marketing and promotional materials, presentation templates

Change the game in the email -design

The two major announcements of 2016 created a fuss in the email -industry and changed the game, since new messages will be created already taking into account the innovations. You can also view, What do consumers expect from the pages of global brands in social networks in 2017?

Google will support media requests

September 14, 2016 Google announced in the developer blog applications support for media requests for email -customers on all devices. This is a wonderful step towards responsive messages that will be displayed without any problems in Gmail on any screens without creating additional developer complications.

1. None Spongy Layout

The lack of support for media requests in Gmail forced developers to code messages without using media requests, which was called Spongy Layout . This meant abandoning certain elements and animations to maintain flexibility. Since the barrier is removed from the path, designers will be able to concentrate on creating the best email messages.

2. No ahead of the PC for Gmail

Gmail automatically changed the font of the message when it was opened on a mobile device, which seriously damaged the design. So due to encoding, templates for PCs gained advantages. The problem was solved by creating separate templates for PCs and mobile devices.

Last updates Apple

Updates iDevice and iOS do not cease to cause customers’ delight. In iOS 10, there were two new features that significantly influenced the email design for devices Apple .

1. Transfer of refusal from mailing upward

For messages sent on the mailing list, Apple automatically displays at the top of the screen an item with information about the sender and a button for unsubscribing. This means that marketers should make their newsletters as engaging as possible so that the recipient does not want to immediately unsubscribe.

In terms of design, the innovation will lead to the fact that in messages in 2017 it will be necessary to improve the text in the pre-heder and topic. When you open a message, the ability to divert attention from the top element will be an important component of success.

2. The return of the video to iOS

People prefer visually attractive messages to long texts. As the video becomes more popular, it will often be found in email marketing. For the first time, marketers were able to embed video in letters for different devices in 2009. But in iOS 9 this function disappeared, and Apple was followed by other customers. Fortunately, our prayers were heard, and iOS 10 again began to support the video.

email design
Communication concept: Hand pressing a letter icon on a world map interface

To make fascinating messages even more effective

“Gone are the days when, in order to increase the involvement, the best content of the message should have been placed within the first scroll. Since today most recipients check e-mail from mobile devices, and customers start supporting more and more items, scrolling will become an important part of email -marketing, which means it will grow The popularity of using the latest interactive techniques, for example, parallax. “

Jackie Roberts, Envato

Keyframe animation

As mentioned before, GIF is a combination of a static image and video, but the animation is very fast and sudden. However, the use of keyframe animation provides a smoother result, since the picture does not change so dramatically. This device is already supported by devices on iOS and Android which is a significant step in the design of email messages. Hover- effects, the horizontal and vertical movements of various elements within the message makes it attractive and memorable.

Cinemagraf (static and moving GIF )

One more step forward for GIF animation – a cinemagraph that will make recipients believe that a looped video is embedded in their message.

Denial of the width of the message 600px and the end of responsive design

More and more new devices on the market support 2K and 4K resolution. Therefore, many customers moved away from the design for the PC and began to use a horizontal orientation. And with the advent of computers with even larger screens, allowed to forget about the standard width of the message 600px .

This change also eliminates the need to concentrate all important content for mailings on PCs within a single scroll. The message is adapted horizontally on large screens and vertically on mobile devices. This can lead to the rejection of responsive design for the Apple devices.

“Living” background

Messages with smooth animation or jammed video on the background will soon conquer your mailbox. In terms of design, this will be a huge step forward. But to avoid mistakes and spoiled user experience, it is necessary to pay special attention to rendering.

email design

Increased use of interactive elements

Since more email clients support CSS interactive elements such as accordions, menus, countdown, integrated forms, floating CTA will be Used in mailings more often.

Search in messages

Imagine how great it would be to have access to the entire retailer’s collection directly from the email message, using the usual search string. Airbnb already included the search function in their mailing lists, and soon many other brands will start to master this trend.

“2016 was the year of Pokemon Go. And despite the fact that the popularity of the application has subsided, its overall success (55 million users in the first month) has cleared up one thing: location data is the key to understanding the context of customers, as mobile devices begin to dominate.

From traditional channels such as email marketing, to more modern platforms such as augmented reality, virtual reality and 360 ° video, location data helps to understand how to better interact with customers and realize personalization via mobile. That’s why 2016 was the year when advertisers realized the importance of geo-data, and their use will continue to be popular in the future. “

Daniel Brzezinski, GetResponse

Growth of popularity of dynamic content in messages

We live in an age of personalized messages. One wrong move, and you run the risk of losing a subscriber. Most ESPs today offer the ability to add dynamic blocks for content that will change for a specific customer.

Customized content based on data such as location, age, sex, purchase history, engagement, device, etc., will allow marketers to reach a wider audience, with minimal effort.


16 trends of Creative Email Design
Article Name
16 trends of Creative Email Design
In recent years email marketing has undergone many significant changes and improvements. This gave designers the opportunity to offer more personalized and innovative content to subscribers.

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