If you don’t have an account on LinkedIn, then hurry up. Today LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals in the world. ALSO REFER11 Simple Ways to Propel Your LinkedIn Profile into ‘All-Star’ StatusLinkedIn is used daily by about 277 million people from 200 countries around the world, and every second this network is updated with two new users. Most importantly, in LinkedIn there are about 77% jobs opportunities, so it’s worth to join LinkedIn.

If you already have an account on LinkedIn, you should do everything possible to make it more noticeable. Profile information on LinkedIn includes information about work experience, skills, education, etc. The main problem with most users is that their accounts are not completely filled, and the likelihood of getting good offer (s) is/are reduced.

The purpose of this article is to give a practical advice on how to get the “star” status on LinkedIn, mainly to help you get better opportunities in your career.

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  1. Upload the appropriate photo.

The main profile photo should talk about your professionalism and seriousness. In addition, it must be chosen so as to get noticed. ALSO REFER, 11 Essential Elements to be a Star on LinkedIn , people perceive information through the eyes, therefore, even if the profile is ideal, but the photo is a bit grainy or simply shot at a party, the chances of proposals fall.

  1. Create a catchy headline.

Profile title tells the world about who you are, according to your goals and intentions, so pay special attention to it. In 120 characters, you need to fit the desired keyword, specialty, experience, skills, etc. To improve search engine rank profile, you may add multiple titles.

  1. Keep your experience.

Experience is very important to LinkedIn. Unfortunately, many are limited to job descriptions and core responsibilities. To make the profile of a “star”, you should describe how you may affect the company as a whole. Describe your awards and bonuses. If you write “about”, tell about your hobbies, skills and inclinations, 150-250 words would be enough.

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  1. Gather recommendations.

Recommendations on skills are important, but forget about the usual advice, it’s not worth it. Ask your guidance, co-workers to write some comments about you. With recommendations, your profile will look more vivid and personalized.

  1. Tell us about yourself.

The section “General Information” should contain information on your experience in conversational, but competent manner. 2,000 words should be enough for an interesting story about how you may interest an employer upon hiring you. In this section you can include links to your portfolio.

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  1. Join the group.

Purpose of stay on LinkedIn is to have more contacts, so do not hesitate to join the various groups, make contacts. If you want to achieve a “star” status, then you need to join the 10 teams and have a minimum of 50 contacts.

  1. Keep an eye on the company of your dreams.

As mentioned above, the purpose of LinkedIn is to unite professionals around the world, but it can also be used to keep track of interesting companies. If you want to work for a company, it makes sense, to keep track of all the news and not to miss a job offer. Just go to the company’s interest and click “Track”, if you want to keep track of an interesting personality, simply click “Track”.

  1. Connect the media.

Your profile may be very interesting, if you put on the video page, images, links, documents and presentations. With the content you show who you are? how much of a professional and responsible level you have. Of course, the content should be working on the theme.

9. Write

If you want to attract attention – write in blogs, groups, have your own page, update your status, share news, etc. The more you write, the better the chance that you will be noticed by right people.

  1. Understand the privacy settings.

Double check the privacy settings to make sure that all users can see your profile. If you want users no to know that you visit their pages, turn the page in the anonymous mode.

  1. Use the cool URL, icons and signatures.

“Star” and “brand” are inseparable, so you need to make a recognizable profile. For example, make a personal URL, add to the icons, and e-mail signature. All this is available in the settings!


LinkedIn is the best platform to find work and establish professional contacts. If you want to get the best positions in the best companies, or to be in the “wake of the latest news” in the niche, then you need to have an account on LinkedIn. Achieve a “star” status and develop your personality much faster.

11 tips on how to become a
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11 tips on how to become a
If you don’t have an account on LinkedIn, then hurry up. Today LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals in the world.

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